[ACT] FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex [Multi Languages-Uncen]

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Developer: MomoGames, Critical Bliss
Publisher: Critical Bliss
Released: 18 Nov, 2023
Work Format: Action
Genre: animated, side-scroller, female protagonist, monster, monster girl, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, oral sex, handjob, titfuck, group sex, combat, fantasy, adventure, transformation
File Size: 694 MB

Explore a world plunged into chaos, dripping in lewdness and sexual encounters!

Use your newly acquired genderbending abilities as a ‘FlipWitch’ to defeat evil monsters, giant bosses, and complete quests for a cast of unique and colorful characters.

Adventure through magical forests, deserted dungeons, and slimy citadels on your quest to defeat the evil Chaos Witch who has corrupted this world into darkness, and left curses on villagers and monsters.

Save them from these ailments and you will be rewarded with fully animated H-content.

As a Flipwitch you can change between a Witch and Wizard form, allowing you access to new areas and quests.
Each form comes with a set of costumes that unlock new and different ways to interact with the world.

You must defeat the Chaos Witch to finalise your training and become a full-fledged FlipWitch.

Journey through multiple zones, from an overgrown forest to the caverns of hell.
Explore each area carefully to find valuable treasures and hidden secrets, but tread cautiously for where there are treasures, traps and monsters are there to protect them.

Defeat giant bosses and learn powerful magic to reach new parts of the map. Some secrets require a large range of magic spells to unlock them.

You may find Lucky Coins while exploring, use these in Spirit City to unlock H-animations at any point in your adventure.

In Spirit City you will also encounter many villagers who have been cursed by the Chaos Witch; help them and they will show their appreciation in a variety of sexy ways.

Handcrafted adult content.
Beautiful and unique areas to explore.
Flip between forms and collect costumes that allow you to interact with the world in different ways
Lots of secrets to find; from hidden NPC’s to rare items and big loot hauls.
Fully animated reward sequences.
Over 100 lewd animations to unlock.
Non-linear quests you can pursue in between dungeons.
High quality soundtrack.
Retro-feel gameplay.
Epic Boss battles.
A variety of colorful villagers designs to help
Collect Lucky Coins and use them to unlock themed animations at any point in the game.

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It’s a decent pixel platform game with backtracking and mission stuff, though, i believe if you’re focused to play this for the H-Content i would suggest you to try something else istead. It’s visuals might not be appealing to you, in fact, the H-Content works better sort like an extra rather than a mechanic integrated to its gameplay


Really entertaining game. Absolutely worth your time if you like pixel art.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Lots of NPCs, scenes, and enemies
  • Good amount of playtime (10hrs for me)


  • The game is buggy because the dev released 2 patches that aren’t included here.
  • It’s difficulty doesn’t take into account that you can shoot past your screen, but you can.

Extremely high quality for an ero action game. This could be a Wayforward release.