Things you need to know if you’re new around here
1. All download on this site are torrent magnet. You need any bittorrent program to make it work.
2. All files on the site are safe but your anti-virus sometime might get a false positive for trojan when download cracked games, Just ignore it or make anexception to the game’s folder in your anti-virus setting.
3. Please help us seed torrents as much as you can.
4. Link or mention to other free download or torrent sites not allowed in both comment and live chat.

If our site get blocked in your country. You can do this: 
1. Use any VPN to access our site.
2. Access site via proxy site like
3. The best way is to change your internet DNS to

How to download?
We’re using magnet as a download link in all posts. You need to install any bittorrent program to your PC. Here’s how to get it work.

Get error when try to extract the downloaded file
1. Use force recheck command in your bittorrent program to check if any download-error occur.
2. Update your winrar. The archive is using rar format 5.0 , Winrar 5.x or 7zip is required to extract it.
3. Make sure the japanese filenames is preserved when extracting the zip file, else you will have issues running the game. You can do that by change the name encoding to japanese in winrar option.

How to run Japanese H-Games and Application?

1. Make sure it’s folder name is in English.

2. Regarding the error: “loading error, failed to load: ……”
Windows has a maximum length that a file / directory path can be.
Please shorten folder names and / or move game’s folder somewhere
with a shorter file path. (e.g. Directly into the C:/ drive)

3. If you can’t run the game normally.

– Try using Locale Emulator or Ntlea to run the application.

– Or change your system locale to Japanese. Then run the game directly.

4. If you get an error “RGSS****.dll could not be found” or “RPG*** RTP is required”

5. If you have a plan to play many Japanese application or h-games. We highly recommend to change your system locale to Japanese permanently or you might get some application error from time to time.

Hentai Anime
If you got black screen with only sound playing. You need to update codec pack or change to other player. We recommended PotPlayer
You can play almost every video formats on your android device using some universal media player app like PlayerXtreme

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Bob Ngo

Hello, I had successfully extracted this torrent file but when I try to open the disk file it says it is corrupted

Shurikn Ibuki

Hi guys, I was wondering if you had multiple different RSS feeds? Some of the post don’t show on the feed that’s under the feed button. A lot of the post on March 7th don’t show up. One reason might be that since your feed shows only 5 items, if you post more than 5 times per crawl cycle, then the posts get lost (InoReader crawls every 2 hours)

Westly Warren

Hello, I’m trying to play on a macOS and I’ve unzipped the files but can’t play them. I cannot find any way to change my locale to let me play. Is there any recommendations? All the ntlea and other locale emulators are for windows.. Any recommendations?

ken riv

is there any way to know what are the most downloaded or most liked hentai games for 2019?

ken riv

how to request for re-upload?
torrent files are missing/broken

ken riv

thanks to the guy who fix this just right now

Bob Ngo

I would also like to request a re-upload

Joe Blow

I have RPGVXAce and never really had much issues playing games but a lot of recent games i’ve been downloading are giving me the “unable to find VL Gothic Font”. I have the VL Gothic folder and im wondering if theres a new one out and maybe im missing those new fonts.

ding4 ding4

Is there a reason why this website has only torrent files for downloads?

ding4 ding4

I literally asked you guys a question because I’m curious. Instead of downvoting my comment, if you could respond with a comment, that would be much cooler.

Because I have no idea why torrents are the preferred method, It would help me understand something maybe I should understand about the website.


Look man its smoother to have torrents and all the things you need to download them are free. If you would rather download through browser i suggest finding another site its unsafe and makes for a bad time.

ding4 ding4

Aight cool man, thanks for the reply.

Chris Ahrens

Hi I want to play shinobi girl on my HTC desire 626s and was wondering how to go about downloading it. I have all of the files but everytime I run the game I just get a character who is invisible.

Nagi Yamada

I used a torrent downloader and tried to download MMD,but I don’t know how to authenticate.HELP!!

Sol Violas

Hi, i have brought the $20 tier patreon pledge. my discord is Violezine#9999
I have not recieved access to the VIP2 posts yet.

a cal

its asking for a password for me to unzip. Help!

hendi foo

is there any other place that i can download the content on this web because i can’t access this web in my country

Zenko Neron

it happens to me that the games of RPG MV (icon with a cubic man with sword) don´t run, with locale they only remain in process
Win7 ultimate

Aaron Reichenau

When I encoded the name of a game to its Japanese counterpart, it says that I need to reinstall it and it’s a virus; however, every time it keeps happening.

Chinghnia Chinghnia

when ever i try to unzip or extract it keeps saying “no archives found” its really annoying please help

arthur dantas

Ok But I don’t know the password for unziping. Can you guide me on this one?

Captain America

We need these games on English aaa

go tum

I just downloaded [Iris in Wonderland].
As your Note, I just launched the Game.exe and game normally ran.
But I cannot play from title, bcoz keyboard is not working. I pressed all keys…
I’m sure the game is not stopped or bugged…
Anyway I update my window and setup all kinds of codec already.

Asti Asti

Sir do you still have the english version of Womb Of Calamity ?

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