[RPG] Shion the Exorcist [EnglishMTL]

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Circle: 7th Door
Released: Jul/03/2021
Translator: -Nynx-
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Masturbation, Tentacle, female protagonist, voiced, big ass, big tits, fantasy, adventure, rape, monster, vaginal sex, oral sex, multiple penetrations, anal sex, groping, creampie, group sex, exhibitionism
File size: 2.36 GB

A busty exorcist in a skin-tight bodysuit challenges a tentacle dungeon!
44 base CG / Approx. 150 H-scenes including erotic traps, battle fuck, and defeat rape content!
Plenty of skintight suit fetishistic fun!
Erotic voices and wet sound effects absolutely brimming with realistically lewd ambiance.

[Orgasm Anywhere System]
Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. In battle or not. Shlick shlick shliiick.
You can relieve yourself anywhere, anytime. If their are comrades nearby, lesbian fun awaits!

[Lewdness Level & Estrus Parameters System]
The higher your Lewd level becomes, the more erotic and perverted things you can do.
It also changes how the others interact with you at base camp and how you act as well.

[Base Camp “Toxin Release” & Powering Up]
At certain points in the dungeon, you can return to base camp to have the “Toxins” that have built up within you “Released” You can also purchase tools, and learn new skills, spells, and techniques.

[All Traps and Enemy Attacks are… EROTIC!]
The enemy wishes to corrupt you with pleasure and turn you into a lewd seedbed.
So, of course, all the traps, and all the enemies, are erotic in nature.

Can Shion endure the lewd assault? Wave after waver after wave after wave…!?

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