[ACT] Aikagura [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: Unholy Creation
Released: Jun/30/2023
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Shrine Maiden, Violation, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Black Hair, Big Breasts
File size: 671.45 MB

When the long-lasting war had ended and the country was about to move toward peace, the Totsuka no Kuni suddenly fell into a state of destruction due to a large number of ghosts.
Mitsuki Amanomiya, a half-demon possessed by a fox and a skilled exorcist who belongs to the Onmyoryo Chobukukata, an exorcist organization under the direct control of the imperial court, goes to Totsuka no Kuni on orders from the imperial court

Game Description:
A full-fledged side-scrolling Japanese-style sword fighting action game.
Control the main character, Mitsuki, and explore the cause of the disaster that struck Totsuka no Kuni while fending off the attacking ayakashi.

・Human and demon fox, two modes
Mitsuki can change into a powerful demon fox state for a certain period of time at any time.
The demon fox state has excellent attack power, but it has the characteristic of being vulnerable to being hit.
Transform into a demon fox when the time is right, and advance the battle to your advantage.

・Rebound and defense value
With the exception of some attacks, enemy attacks can be blocked.
By defending with good timing, you can repel the enemy’s attack and reduce the defense value.
Shaving off the defense value will make the enemy defenseless and will be able to deal double damage.

・Skill tree and skill acquisition
Skills are released by picking up items along the way, and skills can be acquired and strengthened by paying skill points.
Strengthen your favorite skills to gain an advantage in battle.

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Same people who made this game made Unholy Sanctuary, Unholy Jail, and Unholy Disaster, which were all really good games. This game feels like a step down in quality from Unholy Disaster, but a step up in quantity. It’s mechanics are relatively simple compared to older games, too, as there isn’t a combo system. If you are a Soulsbourne player, you’d better be playing on Very Hard. Every button that is used for gameplay is also used to break free from grabs. This means if you’re playing on a keyboard, you can get 8 buttons going at the same time… Read more »