Here’s a list of benefits you can get for support us.

Muggle – 2$ tier
SFW version PNG Artworks every months

Apprentice – 5$ tier
NSFW version PNG Artworks every months

Sorcerer – 10$ Tier
Your account on the blog will become PREMIUM and gain access to On-blog sample image viewer for every posts. You can also download all images with a single click too!
(Highly recommended if you are a regular with our blog)

This’s what all users usually see:
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PREMIUM Users will see these when you logged in:

After you support us for 10$ or more. Create your FFF-Account on ​the blog with the same email address (Or edit you FFF-Account’s email if you already register). I’ll update your account to premium within 24 hrs and send a confirmation message to you.
Note: PREMIUM Status last 30 days after your last paid.

High Wizard – 20$ Tier
Gain access to PREMIUM-ONLY post which contain some extra stuffs for download. More stuffs will be posted once or twice every month.
(But you can be rest assured that I didn’t take out any portions of normal, free downloads on the blog to make it premium)

Lich King – 50$ Tier
Gain access to my Google Drive storage and download ALL 2$, 5$, 20$ and Montyhly Rewards. It’s more than 2 years of all rewards since the beginning of our page! (Google mail account required)

Legendary Hero – 100$ Tier
I’m currently have no more rewards to offer. But for anyone that still want to support me on this tier. You have my gratitude. You’re a true fan of FFF!

We also accept Steam Gift Card for 10$ 20$ 50$ and 100$ too. Just contact me with the gift code and you will get benefits just like the supporter tiers above for a month.


If you miss out one or two months of Rewards but don’t want to go all out with 50$ tier just to get 1-2 rewards to complete your collection. You can seperately get them for 5$ each on Gumroad