A quick summary if you want to support us
Have credit card – use SubscribeStar (Recommended, everything work like Patreon) – Read More
Have paypal but no credit card – use Pixiv Fanbox (Get reward in our discord server)- Read More
No credit card / paypal? – donate via Skrill to [email protected] (Get reward in our discord server) – Read More

Here’s a list of benefits you can get for subscribing with us (same to all SubscribeStar, Pixiv Fanbox and Skrill):

2$ tier
Small thank you gifts every week.

5$ tier
Special *CORE MIX Hentai every week. And Monthly Reward.

(*An edited video for sex scenes compilation of any hentai anime. Good for being a fapping materials)

10$ Tier
Your account on the blog will become PREMIUM and gain access to On-blog sample image viewer for every posts. You can also download all images with a single click too!
(Highly recommended if you are a regular with our blog)

This’s what all users usually see:
image hosted at ImgTaxi.com image hosted at ImgTaxi.com image hosted at ImgTaxi.com image hosted at ImgTaxi.com image hosted at ImgTaxi.com image hosted at ImgAdult.com image hosted at ImgAdult.com

PREMIUM Users will see these when you logged in:

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

After you subscribed for 10$ or more. Create your FFF-Account on ​the blog with the same email address as your subscribestar’s email (Or edit you FFF-Account’s email if you already register). I’ll update your account to premium within 24 hrs and send a confirmation message to you.
Note: PREMIUM Status last 30 days after your last paid.

20$ Tier
Gain access to PREMIUM-ONLY post which contain some extra stuffs for download. More stuffs will be posted once or twice every month.
(But you can be rest assured that I didn’t take out any portions of normal, free downloads on the blog to make it premium)

50$ Tier
Gain access to my Google Drive storage and download ALL 2$, 5$, 20$ and Montyhly Rewards from the beginning of our SubscribeStar page! (Google mail account required)

100$ Tier
I’m currently have no more rewards to offer. But for anyone that still want to support me on this tier. You have my gratitude. You’re a true fan of FFF!

1. For every tier. Don’t forget to click Agree and share your email on SubscribeStar too.
2. If you have discord ID connected with your SubscribeStar ID. You’ll also automatically get a specific role in our discord server too (depend on your tier).


– Have Paypal but no Credit Card?

You can support me on Pixiv Fanbox

– No credit card / paypal?

You can donate me using SKRILL to [email protected]

These extra steps are only for anyone that support us on Pixiv or Skrill:
1. Join our Discord Server

2. DM me your Pixiv username and email of your account on the blog. Or your skrill email and email of your account on the blog (If different)
3. I’ll give you a role to gain access to supporter’s channel for rewards.


If you miss out one or two months of SubscribeStar Rewards but don’t want to go all out with 50$ tier just to get 1-2 rewards to complete your collection. You can seperately get them for 5$ each on Gumroad