[SLG] Touching FLASH Sex Training!!! Hole in Wall Sailor Venus (JP)

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Circle: UWASANO EroRadioHead
Release: Oct/04/2015
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Buttocks, Lots of White Cream/Juices, Successive Orgasms, Sexual Training, Restraint

Achieve the breaking of Sail*r Venus
Touching FLASH simulation

– Trapped in the blackboard SEX despair
– VIOLATION in a claw grabber machine
– SEX with mister dogs
– Happy SEX in the blackboard again

20 ERO EVENT scenes (using 3 base CGs + variations)
Classic touching with level up and status changes and the passage of time (no time limit)
Do everything with just the MOUSE!
Blowjob, breast sex, intercourse, creampies, body cumshots are all part of the package.
Smoothly animated with After Effects
Adjust the volume of heavy breathing voice or toggle ON/OFF (during touching)
Toggle glasses, pubic hair, eyeline, fluids mode and other visuals ON/OFF (affects H scenes)
Voice acting included
Customize the player name!

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tito roto

I dont dowload the flashgame :C