[SLG] Everyday’s A MAIday. ~Mai Erotic Life with My Little Sister Mai~ ver.1.1 (JP)

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Circle: Aokumashii
Release: Oct/05/2017
Work Format: Simulation
Last Modified: Apr/21/2018
Genre: Clothed, Socks, Girl, Younger Sister, Knee Socks, Hand Job

A genuinely perverted elder brother is caught
fapping off using his little sister’s panties…
But instead of glaring at him his disdain and
hurling scathing words of abuse she pulls
up her skirt and gives him a real gooood look.
He thought she was just going to help him
with his masturbation. He thought wrong…

A third person erotic game with as much content
as an action game. Enjoy your little erotic sister!

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