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Circle: rusimarudou
Release: Oct/20/2013
Work Format: Action
Genre: Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Seduce (Submissive), Fantasy, Naughty, Woman Rapes Man

A simple ero side-scrolling action game.

Enemies damage your female character until her energy is depleted,
resulting in a sex attack.
Absorb life force to refill the “drain gauge” while you progress.

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
(Future updates will fix bugs, add monster profiles, add game over animations)

Space bar – skip event
Drain gauge – fill it up to 69 for a 1UP
Game over – see a failure animation
Boss battle – win to see a punishment animation
K key – instant kill for your character
Change difficulty in the option menu at any time

40 enemies
6 stages
Unlockable gallery of boss battle punishment animations

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