[SLG] one scene H3 ver.1.5 (JP)

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Circle: purple-pink
Release: Mar/20/2018
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Touching, Cross-section View, Panties, Pubic Hair

Touchy feely simple molestation flash game. No strip or
boobs touching, just naughty osawari fun of lower half!

The trial version includes a free product “Escalator”.
Although this game is created with WOLF RPG Editor,
there is no RPG like features in this game.

* Story
One day, you meet Iroa in a certain shopping mall just by chance.
When you try to peep into her skirt giving way to temptation,
you get caught doing it by her.

“Follow me.”
Terrified by being on the verge of social death, you can’t even run away.
She guides you to a place that is neither a police box nor a police station…

* Features
– Her reaction changes in relation to pleasure level and actions chosen

– In rough categorization, there are three types of actions: hands, mouth and p*nis.
Almost all of them can be performed in both manual and auto modes.

– the girl has 5 types of underwear = randomly chosen
(you can change the color at your desire)


* Please be careful to adjust your sound volume before playing.

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