[ACT] Rignetta’s Adventure Special Edition ver.1.4.002 [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: I’m cuttest in the world.
Released: Apr/23/2022
Product format: Action
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Vore, Lesbian, Tentacle, Big Breasts, Ryona / Brutal
File size: 1.28 GB

Creator Rignetta’s first game release is a brilliant action RPG with the strangely rare combination of tentacles and lesbians.
You won’t believe how much silky smooth pixel-art animation has been packed into this game!

Our heroine Rignetta has just purchased some land on the cheap like the frugal entrepreneur she is,
but there’s always a catch with cheap land…
In this case, the area is overrun with monsters!
Can Rignetta restore peace to this broken land!?

A top-down action RPG with a combination of stomping weaklings,
and getting stomped by big bosses that require some trial and error.
Keep a look out for hidden power-up items, additional weapons, and new costumes!

The difficulty level is casual enough to be a great introduction to H-game beginners.
If you have trouble defeating the bosses, you can ignore them, and keep progressing.

Key Features 1
Animations change depending on the number of enemies getting in on the action!
Of course, animations are prepared for the various costumes as well. The combinations are limitless!
* Clothing damage included as well.

With over 40 enemies to get into ecchi hijinks with, the Reminiscence scenes can’t even fit on one screen!

A lot of care has been put into making the 6 boss fights unique, with lots of gimmicks to keep you on your toes.
* Even if you can’t beat the bosses, you can push by them and keep progressing!

All chipsets for the game were hand-made!
The sea, the seaside, ruins, the demon realm, forests, sunken vessels…all the assets were created specifically for this game!

Key Features 2
So you’re there thinking “Rignetta is a beautiful robot girl with big brains, bigger tits, and a charming personality…but those glasses are a little…”? Worry not, the glasses can be toggled off if you’re not into that!

As the game progresses, your base of operations will expand. Yesterday’s enemy is today’s best buddy.
Finally, an H game where we can achieve sexy world peace!

Japanese and English versions included! Language choice can be toggled in the options on the title screen.

A fun and unique world filled with little details and extra touches!
There are lots of non-H animations to breathe life into the game world!
* BGM was created specifically for this game too!

Special Bonus Doujinshi
That’s right, the game also comes with a 70+ page doujinshi featuring contributions from tons of big authors!

Not only that, a looping animation video is included as well!

Mar/10/2023 – Miscellaneous
Changed simplified font

Feb/12/2023 – Content added
Added 4 new enemies
Added 26 pages (not including differences) to the joint magazine
Both games and joint magazines support traditional Chinese characters

Nov/11/2022 – Content added
Added the English version of Ver1.3.000 joint magazine.
English edition of the Ver. 1.3.000 bonus manga has been added.

Oct/19/2022 – Miscellaneous
Deleted the strategy text for non-implemented enemies in the product version

Oct/01/2022 – Bug fixes
Fixed a bug related to the recollection item frame and display of unimplemented enemies

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