[RPG] Futanari Alchemist Triss Is Horny For Sex! -It’s Not Rape If They Eventually Enjoy It- ver.2.0 [English]

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ふたなり錬金術師トリスはセックスしたい! レイプでも堕としちゃえば問題ないよね

Circle: kagurado
Released: Sep/19/2021
Translator: Liffia
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female Protagonist, Breasts, Successive Orgasms, Ahegao / Gapeface, Internal Cumshot, Big Breasts, Futanari / Hermaphrodite, Voluptuous / Plump
File size: 413.65 MB

Triss is a journeying alchemist in search of ingredients for a certain medicine.
She happens upon a small village rumored to have once sold those very ingredients,
and decides to stick around a while in hopes of forming a bond with the villagers,
that they might give her the information she needs.

But it seems whenever she fulfills requests, she needs a take a load off by fucking women!
I mean, that’s the best way to establish rapport, right!?
And it’s harmless as long as no one finds out!

Find out what’s troubling the villagers, find the items required for the item to fix their problems, and make it!
A Super Easy mode is included which removes the material-gathering aspect.

Gather ingredients and materials in the forest!
They’ll glow when you get near them.
Monsters also come into view once you get near them, so be careful!
You might want to hunt them for materials as well, though…

Go to your workshop, and get crafting! Fulfill requests, and jump into the H with any girls you’re helping! (with some exceptions)

Some girls can only be found in the forest, so keep an eye out!

Contains Normal mode, Easy mode (simplified battles), and Super Easy (only story).
Choose whichever is most enjoyable to you!

H Scenes
Get down to business with all female characters that have pose art!
Insta-corrupt them with the power of futanari rape!
It’s forced, but everyone is having fun soon enough!
Want to see women feeling lots of pleasure?
You’ve come to the right place!
There’s also some ahegao action, if you’re into that too…

25 base CG
228 CG total (excluding pose art)
48 H scenes

Play time: 3~5 hours (Normal mode)

Contains CG / Scene reminiscence, text log, auto-text, text skip, and window transparency functions

Beating the game will unlock all CG and H scenes.

Made in RPG TKool MV (with the same system requirements)
1024×768 resolution

Link 1
Link 2

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Good Content, Futanari is allways nice. You an horny futa Alchemist who likes to rape and fuck