[ACT] Mage Kanade’s Futanari Dungeon Quest [EN-CH-Partially Uncen]

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Circle: dieselmine
Released: 14 Mar, 2023
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Dot / Pixel, Succubus / Incubus, Hand Job, Foot Job, Lesbian, Reverse Rape, Futanari / Hermaphrodite
File size: 1.14 GB

Full save included

◆ Scenario Summary
Taking up a request to hunt demons, Mage Kanade arrives at a dungeon.
However, she was ambushed by a succubus and was turned into a futanari.

In order to return safely from a dungeon full of milking traps,
Kanade confronts the succubus…

◆ Game Summary
This game is a top-down view 2D Action.
Kanade’s graphic changes with damage or status ailments.

The path is filled with various obstacles such as aphrodisiac gases and onahole traps,
and humanoid monsters like succubus or slime girl https://www.traditionrolex.com/38will also be coming for you.

◆ Dot Animation
There will be dot animation scenes
for the obstacles.
The helpless Kanade will get milked dry
by traps awaiting ahead.

Total of over 20 animations.

◆ H Scenes
There will be illustrated H scenes in story mode and game over sequences.
What turn would Kanade’s fate take when
she’s drowned in orgasmic pleasure and gave up on escaping――

Total 22 scenes.

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How to remove the auto translate here?


For me, the animations are super fast, and the dialogs super slow, I dont know if anyone have the same problem, a bit frustrating


when the h scene occurs, there is no animation. The game freezes (but you can exit in the home screen) help

Last edited 1 year ago by Mataz

need change local )


Same problem, fast animation, slow dialog. Any solution?


downloads not working 🙁

Eric Ramirez

If the game dialogues are slow and not even NTLEA Fix it:

Go to “Control Panel” > “Change date, time, or number formats” > and Change the Format to “Japanese (Japan)”

comment image

Just remember to set it back to the original configuration once you’re done playing.


I get an error message “failed to load il2cpp” when I try to open the application inside of the file package
Does someone have a solution?


This game is so damn hot.

Animation are stellar.
Pacing is great.
Such a shame that is 4 stages long.

I finished it in around an hour so it’s a pretty short and sweet experience.
Super recommended, tho.

Zedratuguir2 RFF

Do not mind me. I’m just commenting so I can “bookmark” this futanari game to play later.


Damn the animations is so smooth.
Is there any other games with similar H animations


A rare 5/5 game for me. Top-tier animation and art, and the fetishes (and futanari cock size) aren’t outrageous.

After a couple of minutes of playing it I immediately bought the official English version at DLSite. Sorry guys, I’m gonna stop seeding this out of respect.


How do i change language? I have it as english version but i want it to be chinese