[ACT] Lewd Crest Knight and the Perv Lordess ver.1.5 [English]

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Circle: yoshii tech
Released: Feb/25/2022
Translator: Shisaye
Product format: Action
Genre: Lots of White Cream / Juices, Breast Sex, Orgy Sex, Gangbang, Tentacle, Big Breasts, Futanari / Hermaphrodite
File size: 1.47 GB

Translator Notes:
All normal dialogue, UI and picture based text was manually translated by me.
I did not attempt to translate the moaning, grunting, breathing, or slapping noises, because they do not work like that in English and I did not want to just insert random strings of “oh oh oh” and “ah ah ah” everywhere. Instead I’ve just used the DeepL Neural Translator result.

This game is about a busty knightess in hot pursuit of a busty demon lordess inside the lewdest of dungeons.
Along the way, she gets emblazoned with the crest of succubi, gangbanged by monsters,
tortured to climax by erotic traps, and even transformed into a futanari!

Following in the footsteps of our previous work “Lewd Crest Witch in the Ero Ero Dungeon”,
we’ve crafted a top-down roguelike shooter RPG with a focus on gameplay.
For those not totally into action, there are difficulty settings to make things easy.

There’s plenty of HCG to enjoy, but worry not, we’ve packed in some hot H animations too!

The Demon Lord Marron possesses magic far beyond the capabilities of any in the kingdom.
Through her powers, she has been able to curse all the men in the land!
With all the males by the balls, it’s up to knightess Sherika to chase down Marron,
and put an end to this funny business!
But Sherika has used teleportation magic to hide in the most dastardly of places…

A simple top-down shooter RPG all about dodging bullets, and taking down every enemy in your path!
If you take too much damage, you’ll be stripped nude, and further attacks will get you sexually assaulted until your HP runs out!

Sherika’s body can also change. Breast expansion, futanari-transformations, and lewd crest curses are all in play,
and all are reflected in the game’s CG and animations if she becomes afflicted!

Genres include monster gangbang, ero-trap violation, pleasure assaults, orc/evil elf sex, slime penetration,
breast milking machine, hypnosis machine, tentacles, and more!
Sometimes, to free those captured in the dungeon, Sherika may need to give a titjob or more.
When defeated half-nude, you’ll get a front-row seat to some hot clothed sex too!

[CG Contents]
Approx. 37 CG
15+ H scenes
Approx 20+ animations including character variations.

The game includes 3 stages + final boss right.
There are 10 bosses total including mini-bosses.

The animation images had to slightly compressed, so there is less animation volume than our previous work.

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Link 2

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The only controls that work is movement, no attacks actually happen. Bad game, do not recommend.

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