[RPG] Fallen Princess Knight Anastia [JP-EN-Uncen]

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Circle: mico
Release: Jul/22/2020
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Cross-section View, Fantasy, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Childbirth, Rape, Interspecies Sex, Queen/Princess
File Size: 713 MB

Princess Anastia lived a life of leisure in the Royal Capital.
One day, a rebellion broke out and the Royal capital fell due to the heavy taxes and exploitation by the Royal Family.
Anastia was able to escape successfully, but not before being cursed by a rebel wizard.
She escaped with her life and took refuge in an unknown village; a village suffering from a blizzard and
full of monsters and lecherous men.
Anastia received a “curse that caused any sperm from any race to make her pregnant.”
What kind of fate awaits her?​

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I can’t seem to open the game, the first time I did it, it was fine. But when I restarted, it kept crashing.

Can anyone please help me, thanks


Hi, @istheroux , the fact with this game, is the savegame its really buggy, so be careful when you close the game. I just delete all savedata and the game will open normally. If you dont know here it is, ill tell you:

Look if in the game folder appears a folder named “Data”, in contents > resources.
If there´s not there look on:
C: > Users > User > AppData > LocalLow > mico > FallenPrincessKnight

Delete all archives there, and the game should open normally (but you lost all progress).


anyone has walkthought?

Why Ask

If you use AMD Radeon GPU, and your game always fails to play the MP4 files, it’s not because of the game is bad. Unity’s built-in feature didn’t cover for AMD Radeon you are using.

Please refer to this Unity forum discussion about the said problem to learn more about it.

Even if it’s been patched to work, the game will still be unable to load and play the MP4 file. You can just play it separately at:

./Fallen Princess Knight Anastia [JP-EN-Uncen]/FallenPrincessKnight.app/Movie/

start with “pre.mp4” then “title.mp4”.


I can open the game just fine but the pic of the princess is white and the s e x scene wont show at ll can some one please tell me what i can do please how can i fix


So far my favorite i could find on here, even tho the savefile is bugging, i hope the creator is doing and update or something related to this.


I can’t seem to find the save file location, and I am stuck, how to delete progress entirely?

domo kun

any game like this? full of good animated sex scenes… and you can go straight to random sex…