[SLG] Elf Educator [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: Mikage
Release: Dec/14/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Breasts, Violation, Slave, Captivity, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts, Rape, Group Sex, Oral Sex, BDSM
File Size: 637MB

Humans and elves who haven’t interacted for a thousand years. One day,
a beautiful elf appears and begs for help for the elves.
Capture and train the elves and give human knowledge to save the elves.​

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Alfred Zans

someone else has error in the game when they read some skills??


When i get the first elf upgraded to the point she shows her second attribute, “Curiosity”, I CTD when trying to hover over it to see what it does.

felipe pino

you dont crash if you have the language set to japanese, dont worry about the skills, you get op fast if you level battle stat and then use the top middle request, it gives a bonus to your battle multiplier that affects all stats of all slaves and also yourself


isn’t this supposed to also have the english language pack (JP-EN-CH)? it’s only JP. Or did I miss the obvious way to change the language?