[ACT] The shameless squadron Pink woman [English]

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Circle: aphrodite
Release: Dec/03/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Anime, Comedy, Fighting/Martial Arts, Violation, Rape, Transforming Girl
File Size: 175.81MB

* Story

Pink woman raucously beats down her enemies!
Truly the power of 100 men! Nothing can beat pink woman as she knows no fear!
Holding the scanties received from her deceased father to her breast, she will fulfill the final goal of the shameless squadron.
Go and fly! Shameless squadron pink woman!”

* Eroticism

This is a squadron action game that focuses 100% on eroticism.
Pink woman is a girl who protects the peace of a sad world.
If she is attacked, her squadron suit will rip. If she is raped, she will let out a shameless voice.

The cute squadron heroine is being attacked!
1. Real sex – if you are caught by the enemy, you will be violated on the spot! If left, you will be cream-pied.
2. Standing picture – will be destroyed.
3. Death blow – this is sex!
4. Illustrations move with animation using AE! Shiori Manaka has helped us with the voices.
5. This includes a number of real 3D sex scenes.

* Action

This is really simple. In the past, we have received many requests for simple erotic action, so we have simplified it.
This is controller-compatible, but can be fully enjoyed with the keyboard.
If you feel “it is not quite enough”, we have prepared some harder extra stages for you.

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Combat is horrible! Lmao