[RPG] Little Sisters Rape Their Big Sister for 24 Hours-Game [English]

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姉を24時間犯す妹シリーズゲーム 朝の支度編

Circle: Sistny
Release: Aug/24/2018
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Female Heroine Only, Dot/Pixel, Sisters, Lesbian, Futanari/Dick girl

This is a 3D game with its ero animation parts portrayed in pixel animations.
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
Please note that we have not confirmed the proper operation of this game on Mac.

Start the main game with 姉をイかせる者達.exe in the 姉をイかせる者達 Product version folder

– Arrow keys / WASD keys: Move
– Enter / Z key: Select
– X key: Open menu screen
– Q / E key: Move camera horizontally
– R / F key: Move camera vertically
– C / V key: Zoom
– K key: Reset camera position

The passwords of the two files are in the clear bonus of
“Ane o Ikaseru Monotachi”.

if you want to skip the whole game to just see the bonus,
then please scroll the instruction manual for a while.

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Застрял после третьего боя. Не знаю куда идти. Помогите пожалуйста….