[ACT] Tentacle-kun: Birth ver.1.01 (JP)

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Circle: Tokyo Baka Game Island
Release: May/31/2019
Last Modified: Nov/09/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Fight, Tight Binding, Tentacle, Big Breasts
File Size: 145MB

The female spy had entered the lair to find info on the newly developed “Tentacle-kun,”
but is captured and ends up being used as a trial to measure Tentacle-kun’s strength.

Use tentacle-kun to violate the female spy with his thick tentacles.
A simple ryona game.

D – forward
A – back
S – down stance
W – up stance

T – hit
F – guard
G – hold
H – grab

Various moves can be used from different combinations.
Check the title screen for more details.

Correction: bugs/defects, Addition of contents

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