[ACT] erozld ver.1.2.3 (JP)

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Circle: HachiHachiDanuki
Released: Dec/18/2021
Product format: Action
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Female Protagonist, Dot/Pixel, Fantasy, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Violation, Interspecies Sex, Nekomimi (Cat Ears)
File size: 185.38 MB

A female adventurer dreaming of a big payout enters a devilish dungeon devised by an evil deity in this retro roguelike 2D action RPG. Defeat to monsters is followed up with immediate pose-art H scenes!

Heroine Mio has entered this dungeon in search of treasure,
and already, she’s found herself the roughed-up holy sword of Aphrodite at the bottom of a pitfall.
However, the blade has the side-effect of making it’s bearer attractive to all manner of species.
She’s not particular thrilled about this effect, but she really could use a magic blade like this,
so she sets to exploring the dungeon with her new weapon…

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Most text is not showing for some reason, even when running in japanese local.

Seems like a good game but hard to know what to do when >80% of the text isn’t rendering (and can’t understand the other 20% without translator)


How do I progress after the giant goblin boss and how do you that leaf block jump


so if anyone got stuck after defeating the boss and in the cave where the leaf block jump, you need to run actually and if you dont know how to run press f1 – settings – operation settings – select input device – keyboard/mouse – then find L1 because its your sprint (if your on mouse and keyboard)

try to ask me questions about the game cuz ill try helping u out

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I killed the first boss and now where am I going? give me some image please ...

It’s a decent Zelda NES styled game, i can give a 7,5 of out 10 for this one.


My main question about this game is how to save because of the broken translation. I’m by the statue where I assume its the save point but no buttons work on the file select area. Is it a load file or save?