[ACT] Milk Megami Marielle [English-Uncen]

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Milk Megami マリエール

Circle: AzureZero
Release: May/02/2017
Work Format: Action
Genre: Lesbian, Milking, Tentacle, Ahegao/Gapeface, Pregnant Woman

Milk Megami Marielle is a sidescrolling action game with adult content.
One day, Marielle is out in the woods when a witch strikes her with a curse, her boobs swell and produce milk. Now she must fight to stop a nefarious sweets making company from using her as a milk slave.

Simple linear platformer, Marielle has a simple set of moves in her arsenal. She can throw fire with her fists and Uppercut enemies for massive damage, but she needs to be careful not to get grabbed by them.

Clothing damage – her clothing can absorb up to 2 hits of anything before enemies can grab her.

A struggle system – Marielle can continue struggling while enemies assault her until her lust bar fills up entirely.

(H pixel/dot animations) a bunch of game over animations to enjoy.
11 hentai game over CG.

No lives – keep trying until you beat it!

Gallery mode – unlocked upon beating the game.

Estimated game time: 30 minutes.

Fetishes include – machine f*cking, milking, spanking, slavery, cowgirl,
huge insertion, cumflation, heart-eyes, tentacles, lesbian, spawning, futa.

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I beat the final boss but the Gallery mode didn’t unlock… can somebody explain ?


Same here, beat the game but nothing else shows up after rolling the credits.