[SLG] Bottle Biosphere -Life with a Runaway Girl- ver.1.2 [JP-EN]

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ボトルバイオスフィア -家出少女との生活-

Circle: KumonosuGame
Released: Apr/21/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Girl, Sailor-style Uniform, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Slice of Life/Daily Living, Cohabitation, Pure Love
File size: 985.8 MB

A story of unlikely cohabitation between a shy girl with a complicated family situation, and a lonely man who drifts from part-time job to part-time job.

– Become closer to the girl through communication. As you get closer, the actions you can take increases.
– 1 day is split up into morning, noon, evening, and night. Actions pass time, and your choice of actions depend on the time of day.
– Actions take energy. If you run out of energy, you will pass out. Items, sleep, etc. can recover energy.
– Work part time jobs to earn money. Working 1 job longer nets you experience, and job levels.
– There are lots of events, daily life episodes, and of course H events to enjoy.
Experiment with different actions and items in different places and at different times of day!
– Some H events are animated.
– Includes 15 dress-up options for clothes (uniform, maid costume, sweater, swimsuit, bunny girl, etc.), underwear, etc., with over 100 color variations.

Apr / 24/2022 Bug fixes
Apr / 23/2022 Bug fixes
Apr / 22/2022 Bug fixes

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So when does the game actually get interesting? 20 days in all I do is work and pat her head she doesn’t even talk and I can’t give her anything.


Seems like a V1.1 bug fix was released in order to fix some scene looping issues, would it be possible to upload it?


5/5 sugar overdose (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


pls fix bug dialog looping, i can’t go after 95 day with her, looping dialog Just like diavolo


This game is so buggy… Imagine going to sleep with 1/5 of the stamina left and the game tells you “You collapsed out of exhaustion.” I mean… Bruh, sleeping sure is very tiering -_-


Loop bug


What a strange game. I spend 40 days and work hard to make her happy. When it seems to get better,the game is end! A ‘D’ score. The second time i spend more time to compare with her and suddenly the game end ,said i have no money to pay the rent



another grinding hell. You have to pay rent every 7 days and the rent goes higher and higher with each payment. Hope someone can find console command for money.


how to use the guidelines?


does anyone know how can i get the love position scene


Developer is making a new game
Consider buying the game or supporting him if you like the game

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