[RPG-Dungeon Crawler] Moero Chronicle Deluxe Edition ver.1.0.15 [English-Uncen]

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限界凸記 モエロクロニクル

Developer: Compile Heart
Publisher: Idea Factory International
Release: 2017-08-07
Work Format: RPG
File Size: 5.77GB

Io is a man who has no luck with the ladies, and now he’s tasked with recruiting Monster Girls to save the world in this moe-filled dungeon RPG!
Recruit 50 Monster Girls! Combine their Moe Traits! Build relationships with them and find out just how cute a monster can be!​

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Is there any H content though?


After redownloading and reunzipping it several times i still keep getting the:” X3DAudio1_7.dll is missing” error i think thats an issue on your part so please fix it or say how can i do it myself if possible thx.
Edit: Sorry. Didnt knew how it works. Thx for the answer.


Game crashes on launch. I see myself as a veteran japanese h-games player, but nothing I’ve tried has worked. I recently switched to a new pc. Maybe I’m missing something. I just can’t figure it out, so any kind of help would be appreciated.


No sound???
only in the cutscenes….


The game is good and kind of erotic, but yeah no sex scenes…