[ACT] Orc Hunter Wizard Emona ver.1.02 [Multi Languages]

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Circle: Ezogoro
Released: Jun/20/2024
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Work Format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Cross-section View, Elf / Fairy, Hand Job, Facial Cumshot, Internal Cumshot, Restraint, Squirting / Gushing
File size: 185.51 MB

Emona is fighting goblins to find her missing mother, but when she learns that her father, Osiriski, and the goblins are scum who colluded to abandon her mother, she heads to the orc forest to follow her father, who has fled.
Emona enters the orc habitat, but the squire causes Emona to shoot herself in the head and forget most of her magic. To help her remember, she visits a nearby elven town.
In the elven town, there is a tree called the “Tree of the Sacred Realm,” which is said to be the center of magic. But the sacred tree has a lewd secret…

Features of erotic content!
・All event scenes are in pixel animation!
・The character you control, the wizard Emona, recovers magic power by drinking the semen of the baggage handler.
・When Emona is brought to climax by a magical massage at the Sex Tree, she will remember powerful magic.
・As you accumulate achievements, the handjob scenes with the baggage handler and the female shopkeeper at the tool shop become more intense.
・Scenes with the female shopkeeper can be linked and played automatically by linking [slow], [fast], [finish], etc.
・There are defeat H-scenes with Emona and companions.
・When a companion’s HP reaches 0, you can watch erotic scenes up close.
・Only voice for gasping. Action features!
・When you hit Emona with magic, orbs called attribute balls are generated, and by making them contact, you can invoke powerful magic.
・Items that allow you to ride on attribute balls and increase the freedom of action
・By successfully hitting magic with your companion’s attacks, magic attributes are bestowed, making the opponent easier to knock down and defeat.
・Attack bonuses and coins increase time bonuses are displayed in the top left of the screen. Let’s make effective use of them.
・Unique double jump in action! ・Even if companions die, it doesn’t result in game over.
・There is a setting for invincible mode during magical massages.

About action
・When all the kidnapped elven girls from various places are rescued, the stage will be cleared.
・Even if your allies fall, it will not be game over.
・You can specify your allies’ positions, jumping methods, and more.
・Switching magic becomes easier depending on the settings.
・There is a rich variety of 77 special items.
・As the story progresses, you can change Detao’s skills and capture orcs.
・On the left side of the screen, there are special effects called Time Bonuses.
・Among the Time Bonuses, there is a boss that only accepts a single type of attribute. Let’s switch magic and fight. If you haven’t learned the necessary magic, try going to the Ethereal Tree and do a magic massage.

About Elemental Spheres and Chain Magic During action scenes, when you defeat enemies with magic, circles called ‘elemental spheres’ appear. When two elemental spheres overlap, ‘Chain Magic’ occurs, resulting in powerful magic. Defeating enemies with this Chain Magic will triple the drop rate of coins and items.

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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