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Circle: Koguma Project
Released: Jun/18/2024
Work Format: Action
Genre: Dot / Pixel, SF, Pleasure Corruption, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Childbirth, Tentacle
File size: 234.41 MB

On the way back to Earth, the space freighter Nostromo 2 encounters an emergency, and crew member Veronica Wenger is awakened from cryosleep. The ship is infested with mysterious creatures, and there is no communication with the other 9 crew members. In response to the computer “HOLLY9000,” Veronica embarks on a mission to save her fellow crewmates.

● Operation
Directional key: Cursor Move
B button: Z key Attack with a weapon
A button: X key Switch camera inside and outside the suit
START button: SPACE Pause

While holding down the attack button, the attack direction will be fixed.
(You can shoot forward while moving back.)

● Damage
If the suit’s durability runs out from being attacked, tentacle aliens will invade the suit.
Furthermore, when attacked, the aliens inside the suit will thrash around, increasing the sensitivity (%)…
At 100% sensitivity, you will reach a climax state, and exceeding 999% will cause you to lose consciousness and lead to GAME OVER.

● Others
Rescuing crew members will return you to the bridge.
Press the secret key on the title screen to move to the laboratory (gallery mode).

● Items
Box [F]: Flamethrower
Box : Enhances rifle bullets.
Box [+]: Sensitivity-neutralizing agent that can be carried up to three. It drops when sensitivity exceeds 100%.

About the random generation of captured crew members
Excluding two scientists and the protagonist, the seven crew members will have their faces, hairstyles, and poses of capture randomly generated each time a “NEW GAME” is started.

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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you can check first crew rescue from that gameplay


Top down keyboard shooter focused on the character HUD with a mix of ayy lmaos and xeno busting action. Watch out for diagonal shooting. Wow, for an Aliens parody this one does well in mixing the ero and action sci fi part, the references are all over the place but instead of face impregnating huggers and acid blood aliens, you get, tickly slimy congregated mass of tentacles as the title says and it does not disappoint. Gameplay wise, you only need two fingers on the left and three on the right, but of course, if the going gets too hot,… Read more »