[ADV] Escape After Sex 2: Breaking Out of the Fitness Resort [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: shiki-sha
Release: Aug/22/2015
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Younger Stepsister, Jock/Athlete/Sports, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Comedy, Harem, Tanned Skin/Suntan
File size: 403.79 MB

The ‘Memories’ are all pre-unlocked

Iori and his twin stepsisters Rio and Eri had an… intimate relationship.
One summer they rented a room at a beach fitness resort.
In the name of training, but for the sake of vacation, their stay was comped
by the hotel owner in exchange for participating in a hotel-wide reality game:
their challenge was to “escape” the hotel. It seemed like fun!
But what they really looked forward to…

Puzzle your way out of the locked room of the Fitness Resort.
Shika-sha presents an all-new point & click ADV game with imouto twincest!
A mellow, high quality mixed 2D and 3D assets “breakout” game.

Rio Shiomi (voiced by Chiroru Ohyama)
Eri Shiomi (voiced by Ao Inukai)
Iori Shiomi (protagonist)

FLASH PLAYER published in Windows (exe) format
Event CG count: 21 images (18 H scenes) (1280×720 size)
Background CG count: 200+ images
Heroine event scenes are fully voiced, with partial voice for conversations
The game focuses on harem play; there is only one ending

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I’m having a problem with the game, when clicking on the h scene button during the game, at the end of the dialog the sisters disappear from the screen and i’m left in the game without being able to move around, I can only interact with the options on the top, does anyone know how to fix this ? (I’m on windows 10, region set to japanese and japanese clock)