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Circle: angelica party
Released: Oct/26/2023
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Collar / Chain / Restraints, Loli, Breast Milk, Violation, Restraint, Coercion / Compulsion, Interspecies Sex, Nipple Teasing
File size: 372.86 MB

A girl who was used as a shield to avoid demons advances through a dungeon while being sexually abused
■Saintly girl Losvita, who was used as a shield, advances through the dungeon while enduring demon attacks, erotic attacks, and placed traps.
She will make use of randomly generated dungeon cards, shuffling, forward passes, the ability to make cards disappear, and items to
The player will progress through the game.

Cards for climax, attack hit, and attack evasion (probability) are displayed in advance.
You must advance to keep the girl from climaxing.

*Hints for strategy
Use shuffle, pass, and delete to pick up treasure chests.
Pick up weapons, armor, and recovery items, then come and go with the command to return to town.
When you can afford it, advance to the deepest level and clear the place!

■AI use areas, game background, and card designs

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