[RPG-ADV] Take Me to the Dungeon!! ver.1.0.4 [Multi Languages-Uncen]

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Developer: Hanabi Fuusen
Publisher: Mango Party
Released: 29 Jun, 2023
Game Format: RPG, Adventure
Genre: Animated, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Monster, Turn-based combat, Big tits, Strategy, Monster girl, Tentacles, Rape, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Creampie, Multiple penetrations, Voiced, Roguelite, Card game
File Size: 1.17 GB

Explore the depths of this massive dungeon with your adorable companion Una in this exciting R-18 deck-building adventure!

Dynamic Dungeon Layout
Fight through randomly-generated monster-filled dungeons and encounter merchants, treasures and story events. You can only see three levels down, so choose wisely as you push deeper into the dungeon.

Titillating Card Battles
Build the most powerful deck out of over 50 different cards and 20 different runes and use it to overwhelm your enemies! Be careful, because Una’s clothes might tear if she gets injured!

Random Treasure
Obtain random treasures to upgrade Una’s abilities. Put together the strongest combination and synergize it with your deck to deal ungodly amounts of damage!

An Exciting Story with Multiple Endings
Make choices and experience different endings in this exciting adventure story! Unlock different side stories to trigger various card enchantments. Some enchantments might come in handy, while others might hurt you!
Immerse yourself in the dialogue with Japanese voiceovers for all major characters!

A Plethora of Art and Animations
The game features 11 Spine-animated scenes and over 200 CGs! (variations included)You will not be disappointed by the oral sex, footjobs, group sex, yuri, monsters, tentacles, and more featured in the H-Scenes!

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horror rizer

note: the game crashes if you active the “sage’s magic hat” dungeon temporal reward. the today update fixes a few thing but still not this
edit: it was actually a problem with proton7 on linux, in proton8 it works

Last edited 1 year ago by horror rizer

Game mechanics seem confusing at first but they’re honestly pretty simple and the gameplay’s decently fun. H-scenes are also high quality so I personally recommend.

Last edited 1 year ago by Aivur

Any tips for easy gameplay? Just want to joy with story but a combat seem difficult to me


Highly recommend. This game is not only solid as an h game but as a game in general. The mechanics are not the most complex but do require a little thought. Everything seems to work as intended and the h scenes are solid quality although few in number. Story is fairly simple but has a charming feel to it. The biggest downside is that the game is very short. I wish it had a little more content. When I receive the funds I intend to purchase the game on steam to show my support. I appreciate adult games that also… Read more »


The gameplay and art of this is good. The only issue i have with it, is that you get randomly ntrd by monsters, with the game claiming that you can’t do anything about it, which is bullshit. Thats just me though.