[RPG] Karryn’s Prison ver.1.0.6b [JP-EN-Uncen]

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Circle: Remtairy
Released: Dec/17/2021
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female protagonist, Anal sex, Creampie, Titfuck, Groping, Spanking, Corruption, Monster, Group sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Footjob, Big tits, Turn-based combat
File size: 1.27 GB

In Karryn’s Prison you play as Karryn, the new female Chief Warden of a notoriously lenient prison that has just rioted.
Will Karryn subjugate the rowdy inmates through force, or will Karryn be subjugated herself as her resistance towards their nonstop sexual advances start dropping?

This is a hardcore adult RPG with an unique battle system, light management aspects and a focus on gangbangs.
All sex scenes take place within the battle screen.
There are no visual novel style sex scenes in this game.

Shape Karryn and the prison the way you want to with the Edicts system!
Struggle against or accept sexual advances with the Willpower and Desire system!
Become more and more vulnerable to sex with the Passives system!
What Karryn’s Prison Is and Isn’t
Karryn’s Prison ISN’T an eroge for the impatient or anyone who wants to come in for a quick fap in two minutes and get off and get out. All sexual activities take place inside the battle system, and Karryn will not have sex at the start of the game while she’s an inexperienced virgin who has never been touched by a man before. This is not a eroge where you can download a ‘full save’ for this game and expect to instantly access all sex scenes, or make Karryn have sex with the first guy she meets minutes into starting the game even though she’s a complete virgin with a Slut Level of 1. There’s nothing wrong with needing something easily accessible for a quick fap in a hot minute, there are many eroges in the market including our very own selection for that, but Karryn’s Prison’s aim isn’t that.

Karryn’s Prison ISN’T an eroge where the female protagonist will go from zero slut to full slut in the span of one scene.

Karryn’s Prison IS an eroge where the female protagonist undergoes a slow and thorough transformation of her sexual values and desires based on what happens to her.

Karryn’s Prison ISN’T an eroge RPG where you mash the wait/defend skill every turn to let enemies do their sexual attacks and then expect to see sex from the start.

Karryn’s Prison IS an eroge where the easiest, fastest, and most fun way to get Karryn to have sex, is to just play the game normally while you’re still learning the game.

Karryn’s Prison ISN’T a game where you should come in with the mindset that you must not lose any battle. Karryn’s Prison ISN’T a game for anyone who perceives any sort of failure or setback as something that will ruin their day.

Karryn’s Prison IS a game that will try to make you, the player, and also Karryn, lose and game over. Losing battles are common. Most players will most certainly reach a Bad Ending and Game Over on their first blind playthrough. Losing, and having a Game Over is expected and fun in this game. Karryn’s Prison is a hard game if you play to win, but it’s hard not because it’s unfairly unfair, but because it’s fairly unfair, if that makes sense to you. Exploring, experimenting, losing, trying again, and such are all part of the game and the learning curve. Learn and master the game’s various system and at some point the game will be so easy to you that you will begin to lose battles and get game over on purpose for specific gains, and you WILL want to lose on purpose after you’ve completely learned how the game works. Karryn’s Prison has a New Game Plus system that after you’ve reached an ending, good or bad, you will have the choice to carry over certain progress.

Karryn’s Prison ISN’T an eroge where you can skip and ignore all the instructions and tips provided by the various ingame NPCs. Karryn’s Prison isn’t like any game before it with its many unique game systems, and you will be completely lost and have no fun if you don’t approach the game with the intent to learn it. Do not bring knowledge from other games before Karryn’s Prison into it. While you’re a newbie, do not purposely stall and drag battles out with wait/defend skills or otherwise play the game in an unfun or tedious way. Once you’ve began to master the game, you can then make the informed decision on whether or not to purposely stall out certain battles because at that point you understand what the expected outcome is.

Karryn’s Prison IS a game that rewards time spent on it to learn the game. Karryn’s Prison IS a game that rewards experimenting and playing around the game’s various systems once you have begun to understand how they work. Although not necessary to do for most people to have fun and get their money’s worth out of the game, Karryn’s Prison IS a game that strongly rewards players who want to repeatedly reset the game through New Game Plus to try, tinker and play with different builds and choices.

Karryn’s Prison IS an eroge with a lot of stats and numbers. And a lot of sex stats and records. And over four hundred potential Passives that Karryn may find herself developing.

Karryn’s Prison ISN’T an eroge where the sex scenes are always the same.

Karryn’s Prison IS an eroge where everything Karryn has done and have happen to her will influence the context in every battle and every sexual activity. Karryn’s Edicts, Passives, and how you direct Karryn during the battle, all provide the narrative and context before, during and after the sex.

And finally, Karryn’s Prison is an eroge painstakingly crafted by two hardcore eroge lovers in an attempt to deliver a very high-quality gaming experience for players who invest their valuable time into the game. ♥

Secretary Mode – Recommended for players who want to play the game on the lowest difficulty on their own pace and reach an ending.
Warden Mode – Recommended for first time players to Karryn’s Prison.
Prisoner Mode – Recommended for experienced players who really want to achieve mastery of Karryn’s Prison and/or see Karryn lose over and over again.

Karryn’s Prison can be played using keyboard only, mouse plus keyboard, or a XInput game controller.

10~30+ hours for first playthrough.
100~200+ hours if you want to see every ending and collect every Title including all the Titles from Challenge Runs.

Added Korean localization
Fixed a bug where the Threaten the Nerds Edict was increasing Corruption, for realsies this time.
Added support for mod authors to have their mod automatically added to mods.txt – Credits to EtchiMan#0903

Steam Workshop access
features an experimental code to fix slowdowns that happen in the later waves of Endless Battles

Fixed a bug with counter attacks happening during side jobs.

– Added new cut-in variations for: Mouth ejaculations – werewolf; Boobs petting – lizardman, orc, goblin; Making out – goblin, orc, lizardman.
– Karryn’s cockiness now resets properly at the start of New Game Plus.
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Corrected minor typos.

Added pussy creampie Cut-in for Yetis.
Added mouth ejaculation Cut-ins for Goblins, Orcs, Lizardmen, Slimes and Yetis.
All the ingame text has now been ported to the new text system for our localization teams in the future!
Fixed dialogue not showing up sometimes when Karryn masturbates with her nipples.
Corrected minor typos.
Fixed minor bugs.

Fixed dialogue not showing up sometimes when Karryn is masturbating with her nipples.
Corrected minor typos.

Battle cutscenes no longer get skipped when the ‘Auto Continue After Voice’ Setting is selected and a voice finishes playing during cutscene messages.
Fixed potential minor oddities before a Defeat battle.
Fixed the messages leading up to the side jobs needing to be re-written on the screen again if the text speed is not set to instant.
Corrected minor typos.

Added experimental code to reduce tiny micro stutter when text is drawn onto the screen, credits to Chuck#3076 on Discord for the code!
The skill order during the Waitress side job is now more static so that it’s easier to develop muscle memory for where each skill located at all times.
Pressing down the CTRL key will now also speed up battles just like the confirm key.
Pressing down the PageDown key set in Keyboard Config, or the Shoulder Right button set in Gamepad Config, will now speed up battles just like the confirm key.
Pressing down the PageDown key set in Keyboard Config, or the Shoulder Right button set in Gamepad Config, will now speed up speed up text during cutscenes just like the CTRL key.
Fixed a bug during the Toilet side activity where too many bathroom goers might be getting spawned in during a riot.
Fixed a bug with ‘Reality Marble’ Willpower Skill not working properly.
Fixed a bug with ‘Rimjob’ Sexual Skill not being usable on angry targets.
Fixed a bug with the requirement for the ‘Bar Enforcer’ Title.
Fixed a bug preventing access to the Credits and Jukebox room during Free Play Mode.
Fixed ‘Boobs Sensation’ Passive’s name and text being incorrect in the English version.
Fixed ‘Masochistic Voluntary Pillory Slave’ Passive’s effect description being incorrect.
Fixed other minor bugs.
Corrected minor typos.
Added a ‘Toggle Fullscreen’ option to Settings.

v1.0.2a Full
Fixed Skewer not working properly.

v1.0.2 full
Began the long process of converting the remainder of the text ingame to a format that allows additional localizations to begin.
Added a BGM Jukebox next to the Credits during Free Play Mode.
Added experimental code to improve the performance of the post battle results screen.
Added experimental code to improve the performance of battles with a lot of Waves.
Fixed being able to use Load Equip Set to accidentally change Karryn’s Title during a Challenge Run which would also make the Challenge Run invalid.
Fixed Head Strike, Arm Strike, and Leg Strike not being usable while unarmed and having the right Specialization Edicts.
Fixed the energy cost of Revitalize and Second Wind when used with a Stance skill.
Fixed a bug with getting a Game Over after a battle in Level 5.
Fixed other minor bugs.
Corrected various minor typos.

v1.0.1k full
Added the ‘Disable Screen Flashes’ Visual option to the Settings for people with sensitive eyes.
Lowered the intensity of the screen flashes from ‘See No Evil’ ‘Hear No Evil’ and ‘Second Wind’ to reduce eye strain.
Fixed the ‘Light as a Feather’ Title’s evasion effect not working corrected.
Fixed the ‘Free Meat Toilet’ Passive’s description in English.
Corrected minor typos.

v 1.0.1j Full
Experimental code to slightly improve performance on lower end PCs.
Added code to prevent Karryn from being stuck inside a NPC after subduing Level 4 when it was Rioting.
Lowered the requirements for the ‘Kinky Masochist’ and ‘Kinky Sadist’ Titles to match the number required to get the Masochism and Sadism Steam Achievements.
The special ending related battle dialogue will no longer auto continue even if the ‘Karryn Dialogue Pause’ Setting is turned off.
Buffed the ‘Ambitious Experimenter’ Title from Subsidies -12% to Subsidies -8%.
Fixed a bug that made getting the ‘Clumsy Wench’ Title harder than it was supposed to be.
Minor bugs fixed.

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gameplay somewhat decent, deep enough to get me wanting to try (the investment makes it hotter). art is really nice. translations are great. solid 5/5 relative to most hgames.


very good game would recommend


I didn’t expect there would be English voice acting let alone good English voice acting in a hentai game


good game.. the only thing bothering me a litte.. I don’t like oversize breast..


This is one of the best games on FFF and I mean that, easily top 5. The gameplay is fun, challenging and very very erotic. If you are playing on normal it can be a little tedious but this is a game worth beating on any difficulty and completing several different challenge runs for. Karryn’s Prison has an ENG VA option and to my surprise this is the audio that i preferred. She really nails the lines and the feel of the role! I cannot recommend this game highly enough. For number of nuts or number of hours played this… Read more »


This is one of the BEST games I’ve ever played on FFF or Hgames in generally, the combat is decent, the voice in English is awesome (kudos for the actress) the translation is great, the story is kinda entertaining, and the erotic, as well as the drawings, are AWESOME. It can get a little tedious and farm-annoying, but there are plenty side-activities and side-jobs (all with good doze of Erotic) to keep you entertained for hours, my first time playing it I spend like 6hours in one run. Another thing that I simply LOVE IT is the dialogues changing through… Read more »