[SLG] Isekai Debt SLAVE [JP-EN]

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Circle: Coccolome
Released: Aug/18/2023
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Female Protagonist, Clothes Changing / Dress up, Loli, Prostitution / Paid Dating, Internal Cumshot, Slave, Corrupted Morals, Tiny Breasts
File size: 116.46 MB

The protagonist, Mika, was sent into a different world and crashed into a garden of a rich person. Unable to pay her damages, she got enslaved as a sex slave. However, if after a short period, she is able to pay off the debt, she will regain her freedom.

Along the way, Mika also realizes that as she gets better, her slave rank increases, and enables her to satisfy richer customers that have a higher standard. With that in mind, she decides that her best course of action is to be the best sex slave.

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Is this updated?


Game is easy. You can pay debt in less than 10 days and there’s nothing to spend money on after purchased all costume. Not many H animation and I can’t figure it out how to get orgasm count. Crest are…pointless? or just cosmetic. Can unlock gallery right away and that’s all you gonna get from this version.