[SLG] Commando Corner Shop ver.2.1.5 [Multi Languages]

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Circle: Black mercury
Released: Sep/13/2023
Work Format: Simulation
Supported languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Russian
Genre: Breasts, Panties, Short Skirt, Waitress, Stockings, Office / Workplace, Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love, Big Breasts
File size: 896.21 MB

The story begins when a 29-year-old single man, Hajime Hajime, who has traveled all over the world, returns to his hometown, Chuo City, and inherits his mother’s will by investing all his savings to open a convenience store. He becomes a dream chaser and struggles to run a convenience store while interweaving a sweet love story with his employees.

This work combines elements of both strategy games (SLG) and adventure games (AVG), allowing players to not only manage a convenience store but also explore the unknown pasts of the heroines. In order to recreate the most realistic convenience store experience, game designers conducted over six months of field research to create the most realistic interaction between store staff and customers in the game. Through this game, we hope to convey to players the wonderful dreams of love and marriage and the entrepreneurial spirit of young people.

Taiwanese-style products full of current events
Unique female part-time workers
Abundant side quests and events
Interesting and familiar convenience store management play
Game story of over 150,000 characters

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Game has Japanese text by default, and needs to be manually switched to English in option menu (bottom left option, click on the arrows until “ENGLISH” shows up) then click the bottom right option to save and return to main menu.


Tutorial is god damn long.
For ver.2.1.5 you may get stuck at the hiring new girl part, it’s the bug with english language. Change back to Japanese to hire then switch back to English. You may have no choice but to skip tutorial on that part when it force hiring new girl.

I guess this is Taiwanese game so you will need to change to CN language to get through bugs.
A bit tedious but no choice till fixed version come. Save game every action you made will save you time before unexpected bug.

Last edited 8 months ago by PhantomShadow

Looks pretty fun management-wise, but a bit too glitchy and translation could be better. Will probably wait until it’s patched a bit more.


Tutorial is so fucking long and breaks in the middle, forcing you to skip it anyways
One H-scene also broke and soft locked, that is when I decided to delete this game
Might be better if there is an update that fixes these, but even then the game itself is very lackluster.


The tutorial will take you 2-4 hours to complete… At least, depending on how fast you can read, and depending on whether or not you can even finish the tutorial at all. The game is full of bugs that prevent you from progressing… Like anything the tutorial doesn’t prompt you to do simply NOT WORKING. The tutorial will say “You choose what to do next” and then you can’t do anything because all input seems to only work when the tutorial is forcing your hand. You have to switch out of English for half the tutorial, which means half the… Read more »