[SLG] Paizuri Slave Training Program ver.1.03 [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: Aeba no Mori
Released: Dec/03/2022
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Lots of White Cream / Juices, Rubber, Breast Sex, Sexual Training, Restraint, Brainwashing, Big Breasts
File size: 1.24 GB

Train and Enlarge your way to a Paizuri Slave!
She begins with a meager 90cm chest circumference.
Ordinarily, this would be enough, but it’s not sufficient to become a “paizuri slave”.
In this game, our heroine can undergo breast augmentation to increase her size.
Training, enlargement, training, and so the cycle repeats…
102cm, 121cm, 137cm…. and beyond.
Train your way to a high-quality paizuri slave!

Titjobs Only!
This game is titjob heaven!
Chest straddle, standing, reverse, suspended, sleeping, holding hands, titjobs galore!!
Enjoy all the different ways to be pleasured by these juicy melons.
The only place you can squeeze out every last drop of cum is between those big, bouncing breasts. That’s the only rule in this game.
You can also make her bathe in semen, or do image training, among other things!

Cannot be removed! Cannot be broken! Safe, Secure, and Impenetrable Bodysuit!
In every training scene, the girls are wearing body suits.
With a thickness of only 0.02mm, absolutely nothing is left to the imagination. The skintight fit also increases sensitivity.
The suits are aquaphobic and airtight, so no bodily fluids will break through the barrier.
It is not possible to tear the suit to expose the skin.
All training will be conducted while wearing body suits.

Gallery/Replay Mode!
After completion, you can revisit your favorite scenes!

Base CG:51 images
Titjob CG: 22 images
Approximate playtime: 3~4 hours

Each CG has a variation for each breast size.

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Damn. This was a new experience for me and I don’t know what to feel man