[SLG] Idol cultivation process: unspoken rules [JP-EN-CH-Uncen]

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Alias: Sexual Production!
Developer: nikukyu
Publisher: 072 Project
Released: 1 Sep, 2023
Game Format: Simulation
Genre: Male protagonist, Creampie, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Dating Sim
File Size: 206 MB

You finally joined the dream Management Company, 0721 Project.
But on your first day at work, you were informed about 0721’s impending bankruptcy!?

In the struggling 0721, you take on the role of the last idol,
“Yumesaki Humino,” as her manager.

“Dancing,” “singing,” “skills,” “charisma”…
Participate in four different courses and strive towards the “N Stage”!

Engage in intimate interactions with the idol and guide her in this short-story
simulation management game!

As the producer of “Fumino” you must do everything possible to get her on stage and fulfill her wishes.
To achieve this, you need to manage her schedule effectively to enhance her various abilities.
Participate in classes, audition for various small stages, and more.
You can also work to earn money and use your own wallet to help Ayano dress up in style.
Ayano’s dream is in your hands to make it come true!

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Mad Cat

I have her Dance at 555. How is it that I’m failing auditions where requiament is 350 ?

Mad Cat

The game is bugged AF. First thing you may notice are clothes dissapearing from her. Then game locks itself if you skip dialog(Ctrl) that you hide(RMB). Than durig audition choice scene, if you double click option instead letting the text roll trough you are skipping very small but very important dialog option(“are you sure?”) and game doesn’t choose ANY stat to mesure during actual audition week later, leading to immediete failure as “unquallified” no matter what your stats are. The worst thing about this part is, that it has consequences week later and all your progerss is scrapped. It’s not… Read more »