[ACT] Last Town: Fall of Felixia [JP-EN]

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Circle: YumamiSoft
Released: Jun/20/2023
Product format: Action
Genre: Female Protagonist, Successive Orgasms, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Rape, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex
File size: 215.62 MB

About the game:
Last Town: Fall of Felixia embarks on an extraordinary adventure as our humble heroine, Felixia, struggles to save the village of Willowshire from the all-powerful succubus Lilith. Face different enemies like slugs, slimes, bandits, tentacle girls and spiders. Upgrade her equipment and unlock hidden secrets throughout the world of Eldria. It’s up to you to lead Felicia from her humble origins to become the beacon of her hope, or watch her defiled and robbed.

Last Town: Fall of Felixia is a Top-Down, Action, Hack & Slash, RPG.
As Flixia, you’ll engage in thrilling hack-and-slash combat, primarily with a sword. Explore different areas and use keys to unlock new game world sections. Purchase upgrades for your equipment to increase your chances of success by increasing your defense against the various enemies you’ll encounter on your journey.

This game contains the following elements:
17+ animated sex overlays
18+ Enemies
18+ game over CG
4 collectible outfits
9+ unique areas

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It’s AI-generated.


Felexia tripped on a rock and died. The end. Before we get to anything, let’s talk about the use of AI art. It does use AI art. But something feels off… and I don’t mean those inconsistencies. It looks too clean. Not as smooth or realistic as normal AI art. I want to believe an artist cleaned it up. Since well, if this is using live2d, you have to set up the drawing in layers. It would look stretchy if you didn’t, probably. Thought maybe its a unity thing? Either way, someone must have cleaned up and prepared the CG.… Read more »