[SLG-ACT] Drain Mansion [Multi Languages] (PC/Linux/Mac/Android)

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Circle: Kredyn
Released: Jun/26/2023
OS: PC/Linux/Mac/Android
Product format: Simulation, Action
Genre: Breasts, Dirty Talk, Dot / Pixel, Horror, Internal Cumshot, Milking, Reverse Rape, Interspecies Sex
File size: 823.69 MB

One day a mysterious mansion appears in the nearby forest. You decide to investigate it but suddenly lose consciousness… When you wake up, you find yourself inside the mansion, alone. Not knowing what happened, you do the only thing you can think of: try to escape this place alive. This will prove difficult as the place is filled with traps and demons who will try to catch you and make sure you won’t be able to leave. Can you escape and find a way out of this creepy place or will you give in to the temptation and become succubus food?

The game is an action platformer in which you have to solve environment puzzles while trying to avoid the enemies that lurk in this place. You will need to think, dodge and most importantly resist the tempting succubi.

Run away from the deadly succubi chasing after your life energy.
Hide from the enemies patrolling the area.
Explore the eerie mansion and solve puzzles to get closer to your escape.
Maneuver around the various obstacles blocking your way to the exit.
Fight against the special attacks of the most dangerous succubi.
…or just enjoy getting caught and give in to the fullest pleasure of your life, that will also be your last!

Key Features
Lots of puzzles, escaping and hiding from enemies.
Hand-drawn pixel art and animated scenes.
More than 40 unique scenes with enemies.
20 unique, high-quality hand-drawn 2D CG game over screen graphics.
Most enemies you encounter are voiced.
2 different endings.
A hard mode for additional replayability.

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Shouldn’t this game be tagged as [ACT]?


Game is extremely hard (yes, I got skill issued a lot) and gallery for pixel art doesn’t work.

Edit: To interact the pixel arts, you need to use the gallery up key, which is default to be only usable with up arrow key.

Last edited 9 months ago by OhWell

The game is actually pretty solid if you give it some time and get used to the controls. It controls rather unconventionally. The actual H is on the slower side and you’re supposed to read it, so if you’re into really fast paced stuff maybe this game isn’t for you. There’s a lot of puzzles and secret stuff going on so first playthrough you will restart a lot and won’t get the secret ending. The H scenes are really solid.