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Circle: Hige to deko
Released: Dec/25/2020
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Whip / Rope / Candle Married Woman Decadent / Immoral Sexual Bondage Sexual Training Rape Hypnosis
File size: 2.12 GB

On a strange remote island, a warp device is being developed.
However, while the device is still in the preparation stages, it connects with another world.
As strange monsters pour from the apparatus, it’s up to Rio, the warp device creator’s granddaughter,
and Fuyuko, an exorcist, to protect the citizens of the island.

– Fuyuko
The main heroine. A high school student that works as an exorcist

– Rio
A sub-heroine. Fuyuko’s classmate, and the granddaughter of the warp device’s creator.

– Chiaki
A sub-heroine and islander.
A married woman and former idol with large breasts, and a bit of a delinquent side to her.

A sub-heroine. A large-breasted police officer that works in the Supernatural Department.

Sexual harassment
Brainwashing (hypnosis)
Sexual training
Lewd examination

45 base CG / 200+ H scenes

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Great art with a terrible RPG attached. Unbelievably wordy, too.