[Others] Magical Girl Shizuki ~Her precocious body easily conceives a villain’s child~ [English]

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魔法少女シヅキ ~早熟な身体はたやすく怪人の子を孕む~

Circle: 305 LABO
Release: Jul/29/2021
Product format: Other Games
Genre: Cross-section View, Anime, Magical Girl, School/Academy, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Childbirth, Rape
File size: 1.34 GB

(English product description provided by the creator.)
The creator has specifically pointed out that this is a machine translation. BEWARE!

Shizuki Kinoshita’s talent as a Magical Girl has been discovered.
However, two kinds of blood are required to sign a contract as a Magical Girl: menarche and defloration.
In order to protect people, Shizuki becomes a Magical Girl and fights against villains!

General trends in the work:
Play time :Very short (About 3 hours)
Gameplay :If without eroticism, almost emptiness
Narrative :Minimum necessary
Pain/Gore :None (only menstrual blood) / There are birth scenes
Dirtiness :No excrement / No anus

Game Systems:
*Daily life → Battle → (Defeated Ecchi scene) → Daily life…Repeat below.
*The battles are very difficult QTEs where you don’t have to lose on purpose. The story progresses with defeated, so there is no real difficulty level.

*All Live2D Anime!
>The destruction of costumes during battle and all Ecchi scenes are animated by Live2D.(By sequential images)
>There is also a wealth of one-shot movements that are not loop anime.
>The cross-sectional view is also animated.

*Only the poor thing can get it up!
>Unwanted pregnancy
–All Ecchi scenes are rape.
–Whenever a Magical Girl is raped, she becomes pregnant.
>Giving birth in a public restroom in a park
–There is a description of giving birth.
>Not become a bitch
–She resists and does not want to until the end of the story.

*Diary system!
>At the end of the day, she writes a diary to reflect on the day’s events.
>On the day she is raped and became pregnant, the diary would be filled with details for her to reflect on.

*Simple and easy!
>The game progresses with defeated, so no stress.
>There is a second lap bonus that is useful for collecting route branches.
>All the Ecchi scenes can be collected in one lap if you get defeated normally.
>It comes complete with a Reminiscence mode.

*There are characters from the RPG “The Place Where Shizuki Is” in this work, but they are completely parallel stories, so there is no problem at all if you have not played it.
*This work is a game work, but there are no controllable parts other than battle.

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