[RPG] Permit, Deny ver.1.0.6 [JP-EN-KR-Uncen] (PC-Android)

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Circle: mew game
Released: Jul/23/2023
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: SF, Internal Cumshot, Naughty / Lewd, Short Hair, No Pubic Hair
File size: 39.91 MB

Become the gatekeeper of the Agnar Nation and strive for the safety of its citizens
Full animation of all movements
Three H scenes About 20 NPCs
Ability to take off and touch clothes
Additional features such as items, quests​

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Seems like the game is not over yet because you can’t progress Q10, the castle quest to find the heroine. Still worth playing since gameplay is just like the Imperial Gatekeeper game but with less overall content. Hoping for more updates in the future.


The game seems to currently still be in development as a large portion of the “story quests” are still missing. Gameplay is very similar to Papers Please or Imperial Gatekeeper, except it doesn’t feel all too annoying play yet, unlike the other two. I also much prefer the art style in this game compared to Imperial gatekeeper, but currently there’s only one body type, so this game has much more potential if the developer keeps working on it imo. Gameplay: 4/5 H Rating: 4/5 (5/5 if they add more sex positions and body types, but what’s there right now is… Read more »

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Very similar to Gate Keeper, but with better eye candy drawing. It’s not yet fully complete but promising. I’m very intrigued about map traveling, where gate keeper only stuck in same province. The downside is lack of sound, when you are on H event.


If someone can upload this guy’s other stuff that would be great

He also runs by the username “dong134” and in particular he had some great poke-girl animations made in the past but he either has a habit of not finishing them or hes very stingy about who gets to see his stuff


This is dumb shit. There is practically no explanation on how you have to do things. You don’t know what you are doing bad, no feedback, and the game is lagging his ass. This still need some improvements to be at the same level as Imperial gatekeeper


new version?


Ver 1.0.9 here

On [**links or mention other free download site is not allowed**], they were saying theres a fair amount of bugs. I haven’t started playing it yet