[RPG] Unyielding Succubus Princess of Arrogance [English-Uncen]

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Developer: nikukyu
Publisher: 072 Project
Released: 21 Jul, 2023
Game Format: RPG
File Size: 254 MB

This a short JRPG game with exploration and deduction elements,
developed by nikukyu and published by 072Project!

After all the large kingdoms joined together, war disappeared from the world.However, for the persecuted small countries, little changed.

Among those persecuted countries was the Succubus Kingdom.
And so their lord forfeited a large amount of tribute to the humans
in exchange for an alliance that would help them.

The night the alliance was forged, the lord held a large celebration,
and invited many humans to the caste. Finally, the succubi would be free of oppression.


「Human soldiers are suddenly assaulting us! There’s a huge commotion downstairs!!」

It was all a trap.
For the succubi, there was little they could do about it.

However, the lord’s quick wits allowed them to help their daughter and heir Reina escape.
However, Reina, wanting to solve the mystery of what happened, and who the culprit is,
returned once more to the castle…

The three things she would need to find out:
『Whodunit – Who is the culprit?』
『Howdunit – How did they commit the crime?』
『Whydunit – Why did they do this?』

Powerless Reina’s battle began…

Game Features
Exploration-based Short RPG
You can use MP to observe clues around you!
Temptation/Vampire function:Approach the enemy from behind and use Vampire to restore MP, or use Temptation to gather information!
Exquisite erotic CG
Equipped with the function of recalling events
Collect clues and deduce the real culprit through reasoning!
There are three possible endings depending on the progress of the deduction in the game.

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