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Circle: Karaage Kompany
Released: Dec/20/2020
Translator: 12asdasdasd34
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Police / Detective, Violation, Sexual Bondage, Sexual Training, Rape, Big Breasts, Torture
File size: 653.6 MB

A stealth infiltration game.
Knock out enemies with your stun gun, or tempt them with your feminine wiles! Just don’t get caught!
Game over means violation — whipping, electric shocks, getting sold at auction, and more!

Also there are different outfits (rubber suit, school swimsuit, etc).


Detective Reika is an upstanding member of the police force who protects people from crime.
But now she’s going after the big one — a crime syndicate that has its fingers in just about every
illegal racket you can think of! The best way to collect the evidence she needs is to go undercover…
but sneaking into a criminal hideout is also the most dangerous option…

[H Scenes]
Bondage, gangbangs, rape, and more await!
Reika can even tempt men and have them on her own terms, too.
There are plenty of ways to enjoy Reika’s secret mission!

All pose and event art is animated!
There are also outfit and partner variations!

CV: Pako SHirakawa!


The top investigator with the NSC.
She’s got beauty and ability, and will do anything it takes to crush the gang.

Reika’s boss.
The two of them trust each other.

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