[RPG] Bitch Family on the Village ver.1.01_MOD1 [English]

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Circle: Hatomame
Released: Mar/23/2024
Translator: JustXuX
Language: English (Fan Translation)
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Bitch / Slut, Otoko no ko, Ahegao / Gapeface, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex, Irrumatio, Big Breasts, Voluptuous / Plump
File size: 6.25 GB

The Bitch Family Lands on a Depopulated Island!
The Hibino family consists of the parents and two daughters, all four members are bitches!
Even today, they give head, a titjob or get creampied, somewhere!
One summer, they are invited to a depopulated island by a relative (dad’s twin sister).
To help her revitalize the island with her guesthouse, the bitch family dedicates themselves to cheer the fuck up the islanders!

Game Details
They enjoy themselves in swimsuits and serve as waitresses!
In the end, they hold a festival and go wild with sex in festival coats! There’s also a mysterious being on the island…?
Earn points through sex, and use those points to go on a shopping spree for costumes and various other things!
There are numerous sex scenes prepared for each bitch, so tour the island with your favorite bitch depending on your mood at the time!
You can also get a tan through oil massages, and the tanned state is reflected in the sex scenes!
After clearing the game, you can continue playing by carrying over the save data.
Complete all the scenes and become a Bitch Master!
There are 65 basic CGs (not including character sprites), over 500 variations, and more than 100 H-scenes!
The full version includes a recollection room and the option to unlock all recollections.

Bitch Introductions

Hibino Maki
The eldest daughter.
A healthy and excellent big-breasted bitch.
Loves bright and fun sex!
She also enjoys making people feel good with titjobs!

Hibino Hibiki
The mother.
A heavyweight plump mama bitch.
Eats well, drinks well, and mates well.
Generally forgiving of whatever you do.

Hibino Sakiho
The second daughter.
A bitch who pretends to be sensible but gets swept up.
Often subjected to unreasonable deep throating.
Worries about her big butt.

Hibino Sora
The father.
An ageless dad who’s a femboy.
Prefers being female over being a male.
But tries his best as a male only for his wife.

Hibino Luna
Sora’s twin sister. Married.
Runs a guesthouse on a remote island with her foreign husband.
Devours any reachable dick indiscriminately.

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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