[SLG] If You Lived with a Distant Relative Kotoha-chan [English-Official]

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Circle: Kano Workshop
Released: Feb/10/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Loli, Slice of Life/Daily Living, Heartwarming, Internal Cumshot
File size: 82.13 MB

■ Kotoha-chan’s Growing Simulation Game.
Due to family issues, Kotoha-chan, a distant relative, will come live with you.
As you work from home, you spend most of your time with Kotoha-chan.
It is a great opportunity for you to do something naughty!
However, if you do whatever you please to her without considering her feelings, she will leave you.
Treat her with affection and love while working hard to bring home the bacon and live a relaxed life with Kotoha-chan.

■ How to proceed with the game
If you run out of money or the intimacy level reaches 0, it is game is over.
Earn money while paying attention to the intimacy level and buy gifts while paying attention to your money balance to increase intimacy level.
At first, she won’t let you do naughty things, but if you do naughty things, her arousal level will increase.
Her reluctance will gradually disappear.
Try to play through the game with the aim of getting her to be as naughty as possible.

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It doesn’t have a lot of thing to do, but it’s entertaining. 7/10


How to unlock the cowgirl position? I tried it in every personality but she doesn’t do it.

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Quick guide on how to get the trickier achievements.

Bubble Bath:
Have Kotoha be ‘Strong-Headed’, and having previously bought bubble bath formula. Will trigger automatically once she goes to bathe, requires high enough Intimacy to join her. Also sitting cowgirl requirement.

Anal Beads
Have Kotoha be ‘Obedient’. Keep shoving them in and out.

Have Kotoha be ‘Selfish’. Go to scold her and pick the second option that now appears. Proceed to discipline the mesugaki.

Move her hips
Have Kotoha be ‘Timid’. When you attempt to insert into her butt when in doggy, she will get scared and compromise by moving herself on you.

I have no idea why I decided to spend time typing this out.


didn’t even play for 5 minutes that I already got the best laugh I had this year yet.


I think my favorite part about this game is the fact that you can buy a sleeping concotion to knock her out for 5 hours so you can finally get some work done in peace without her having a temper tantrum.

Simulation indeed.

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