[RPG] Innocent Mating Doll [JP-EN]

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Circle: wandowando
Release: Feb/15/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female Heroine Only, Robot, Leotard, Prostitution, Outdoor Sex, Deadpan

23 base CG

A product of magic practice, a doll named Nana is one day accidentally activated.
To perform a mission ordered by her creator, she sets out to activate
a great spell left by a historic magician called All Heal.

Battles take place in an orthodox RPG style.
Fight with equipment, skills and items.

The doll’s energy source is seminal fluid.
It is possible to sexually approach random men on the street to get their seminal fluid.

– Nana
Created to wake up in response to a world-scale hazard, this magic doll has lived
only a short period of time in awareness and seldom has sexual knowledge and common sense.

– Anna
One of the Kingdom’s knights. Her purpose is to activate All Heal which was given by the King.
Meets Nana in the middle of her journey and joins her battle.
Rich in emotions unlike Nana.


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