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Circle: Yanmarumaa
Released: Feb/23/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Clothes Changing/Dress up, Otoko no ko, Restraint, Shame/Humiliation, Tickling, Anal, Tentacle,  Trap, Futanari
File size: 149.5 MB

◆A new type of SLG that specializes in touch sex ☝

★Catch Phrase
A simple game that lets you make your opponent cum by clicking and pressing the buttons on each character’s body part!

◆Made for the perverted maniac, divided into six scenarios ☝
The name “PTS” suggests, we aimed to create a simple erotic game that anyone can play easily.
Although it is simple, the characters and scenarios are divided into six chapters, each with a different genre and situation to enjoy.
As the player is the protagonist in all main scenarios, the sex scenes unfold with a high degree of realism and freedom.
In addition, as we continue to update the game, we will be adding new content, so you can enjoy the game without feeling stuck in a rut.

◆Animated CG is used in all scenes ☝
Using bare hands, tentacles, sex toys, feathers, etc., the characters’ sex zones are touched.
We have faithfully recreated the individual touch motions by visually editing each animation frame by frame, as the character moans in a cute voice and twists and turns her body.
With a total of 528 patterns of Live2d motions, you’ll be able to see and feel the difference.
In addition, this game has both a clickable touch function and an AUTO mode to enjoy the motion.
Please enjoy the game as much as you like!!!

◆A wide range of dress-up functions and various situations are reproduced from the player’s perspective
In addition to the usual universal touching games, this title introduces a multifaceted game system that includes sex change, boob size change, zoom function, and genitalia type change!
In addition, depending on the type of underwear, you can have real sex while wearing it, which is an exquisite situation for those of you who have been warming up your dick in minor genres!

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