[Others] Machine Ruin Self-Destruction Masturbation Life of the Sky Temple [English] (VR Supported)

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Circle: zerobyteorbit
Release: Dec/28/2018
Work Format: Others
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Masturbation, Scatology, Robot Sex, Futanari/Dick girl

Super hard! Real time 3d custom machine disintegration Masturbation simulator Final Chapter!
More than 130 types of machines are freely combined for more stimulating masturbation!

* Story
In a ruined world remains only the Devil’s Castle.

There was an elf witch Nagi who was masturbating to kill time with machines found in a small room in the basement. When she was satisfied with all the machines, she remembered the existence of a ruined temple on the top floor of the demon’s castle.

There was a cloud buster secretly hiding a machine with incomparable amount of wickedness compared to the machine found in the underground small room. The Cloud Buster was a large machine that blew away stagnant clouds using orgone energy, and inside it contained machines used for rituals.
Nagi got so fired up seeing the aggressive, torturing machine that he could die.
When you free all the machines in this cloud buster, you’ll get a hint to fix the ruined world.
Nagi decided to dedicate his body to these machines…. The harsh, unforgiving, and nightmare-like machine masturbation begins.

* Masturbation to combine the machines for multiple variations
More than 130 combinations of machines!
The piston machine can be installed with a wide range of custom variations using tips, and injectors and spanking attachments.
Machines for urethral use, clitoris, or torture like devices such as spatula chastity belt, which rubs against the vagina or anal, or chainsaw chastity belt that induce intense stimulation are available as well.
There are also masturbation machines like anal plugs, penis plugs, and parasites that you can inject. You can also summon a hermaphrodite who can violate you or be violated.

Let’s combine multiple machines freely and pursue an intense masturbation!
Then unlock the machine further using the Orgon obtained through climaxes! The altar machine is designed to be a torture tool such as a triangular horse and the exposed-bare stand!

* The extreme masturbation from injecting drugs!
For the bulging belly, use an injector to inject medicine into your mouth, anal, vagina, or penis.

Inject laxatives, nutrients, stimulants, slime and semen, and if you put too much in, there will be an explosive squirt from the belly! If you use the link hose from the Onaho, you can also inject the semen directly into the vagina or butt.

* Scat Warning
If a laxative is injected, the nutrients are injected and the execration is healthy.You can also inject drugs by mouth and plug them with an anal plug!
Based on patience, the execration amount and satisfaction intensity are affected.
Can change the mosaic expression of scatol.

* Excitement degree & Pleasure concentration & Endurance system
You can double the pleasure by concentrating on the sensation, immediately wakes up quickly, stimulate intensely, excites it and stops it before climaxing, and you can masturbate at your own pace. And you can endure and be patient to reach defecation and ejaculation climax at the same time! When you pair these with drugs, the effects will intensify!

* Option to change restraint posture and strengthen restraint of the altar
The eight-base + extra Altars have the option of changing the restraint posture with ease, as well as making the restraint even stronger to make moving even more difficult.
Depending on the altar, it is also possible to change the posture by switching the mode sideways.

* Sound effect of force & binaural play
Realistic binaural playback can be selected for intense character voices and squish sounds.
You can play as if you are present in the space.
(Binaural playback only supports WINDOWS10)

* VR support
VR mode supports Rift and Vive. You can appreciate masturbation from the perspective of reigning power, and experience in the subjective view mode!

* Dress up, body shape change, Illustration Custom
Change of body shape, such as the size of clothes and breast, and change the height of the head body.

* Free Mode & Hard Mode
In addition to normal masturbation, you can try masturbation freely in the free mode that does not consume drugs and stamina.
Also equipped with hard mode that cannot be finished until you faint.

* Character Voice
Shiki Asagi (Asagishiki)

To start the game, you must have Visual Studio 2015 (or 2017) Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86 32bit version) installed.

Please check the accompanying instructions when you play.

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