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Circle: QualityGlassesm
Release: Jul/17/2021
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Prostitution/Paid Dating, Sex Industry/Soapland, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Animal Ears
File size: 213.66 MB

Overview (Google Translated):
■ Story
A newly discovered dungeon.
The main character, Lutobano, was dispatched from the country on behalf of the mayor to a nearby village for investigation.
And for some reason, the girl Arluru came along.

Can they really capture the dungeon !?

■ Game content
It is an RPG that captures the dungeon while developing the village.
In the village, you can assign friends (place them in the facility) to create weapons and tools, and make money at the brothel.
In the dungeon, you can take your friends and defeat the enemy to acquire materials.

Weapons and tools can be created from materials using a synthesis system.
Depending on the combination of materials, you can create your own original weapons and tools.

In addition, we have adopted a pregnancy system, and pregnant friends give birth to new friends.
The born companions have inherited some of their parents’ skills, and it is possible to create their own original companions.

■ Erotic
You can get your friends pregnant at Brothel.
An erotic event occurs when you get pregnant.

■ Game difficulty
Since it is an RPG, it is a game that takes time to capture.
There is no game over, so you can clear it if you take the time.

Also, if you do not make good use of each element (synthesis, pregnancy), it will be difficult to capture.
* On the contrary, it may be easy if it can be used well.

■ Volume
Appearance friends are [21] body (match different colors)

■ There is a part of voice
Event pant voice etc.

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Village simulation Hentai game. Well not entirely true, so let’s discuss this game a bit: Game & Story : 1/5 Pretty straight to main story without any side quest or anything. No achievements or no bonus things. Very vanilla. The game’s English translation is quite a mess. For example, they give Kanji Earth (土), become a Saturday, Fire (火) become Tuesday, Gold(金) a material become Friday! I’m very confused at first when I obtain Friday (?) in my inventory? In the end the translation UI also messed up, you might get confused for early game. Dungeon is very boring.. You… Read more »

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