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Circle: Cinderalle Castle
Release: Aug/08/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Sailor-style Uniform, Restraint, Tickling, Tentacle, Robot Sex, Female protagonist, Rape, Monster, Sex toys, Lesbian, Monster girl, Vaginal sex, Bdsm, Multiple penetration, Anal sex
File Size: 321MB

In the year 20xx…
In a secret research laboratory, the ultimate weapon was created
Her name was Beth
She was a masterpiece, born to kill
But she wouldn’t follow orders, and so was branded a failure

Beth fought back against her creators, and escaped the laboratory
Then set out on a journey to the human world – To live as a human

*Basic controls*

[Z] Confirm; Speak; Examine

[X] Jump; Cancel; Menu (On world map)

[Space] Menu (In dungeons)

[Directional keys] Move

[F] Enemy scan

[F+up arrow key] Show skill display 1

[F+down arrow key] Show skill display 2

*Battle controls*

In battle, use the directional keys and A, S, D, Z, X, C, and V.
Check the skill display to learn how to activate each skill.
(Open the skill displays with F+up arrow key and F+down arrow key.)

*Activating cheat mode*
Hold down the X key for 7 seconds.
Use it when you are struggling to proceed.
~ Cheat mode is deactivated at the end of every stage.
~ Cheat mode can not be activated in the trial version.
~ Overusing the Z key attack when there are no enemies present may cause game performance to drop.

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Memory: At least 512MB for Windows XP; At least 1024MB for Windows 8, 7, Vista
VRAM: At least 128MB (256MB recommended)
Other: DirectX 9.0c or better required

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