[SLG] Zookeeper Mission! ver.1.0.2 [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Morning Explosion
Release: Dec/19/2020
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Female Protagonist, Breasts, Animal/Pet, Comedy, Naughty/Lewd, Gangbang, Bestiality, Interspecies Sex
File size: 499.54 MB

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

Hello. I’m Doseong City’s little Zoo, the Doseong Zoo’s Zookeeper, NIZI!! NIce to meet you~
the Doseong Zoo where i work for has lacked the number of Guest, as a result it’s on financial crisis……
If Zoo is sell out, animals are sell out some where…Manager and My colleague Zookeeper MINU Fall into trouble too……

I really want to save the Zoo……by the way, Manager tell me the way to save the Zoo.
I shoot a Bestiality Video with animals and Get Money, and breed More animals,
and never be financial Crisis again!!(……Manager’s taste is……;;)
Shoot a Bestiality Video, Expand the Zoo, Breed new animals…… and keep the Zoo from selling!

[Game Contents]
– It is a Zoo Manager Simulation + Shoot Bestiality Video Ero RPG Which
Heroine NIZI Shoot a Bestiality Video With Animals of the Zoo for bankruptcy Zoo.
– You Can Guide Animals to the Guests. (There are Erothic Events During Guide.)
– By Naked, You Can Shoot a Bestiality Video With Animals of the Zoo.
– Expand the Zoo and Shoot More Bestiality Video,
and Many Male Animals are Pour Semen Into Little Girl’s Womb.
(There are H-Scene With Female Animals and There are H-Scene Which do not Devided as Inside and Outside.)
– There are Many Sub H-Scene During Work as Zookeeper.
– Approximate playtime: 1.5 hours.
– 51 H scenes in the reminiscence room (There are Epilogue H-Scene which not in the reminiscence room.)
– Can See Heroine, Character’s Stading CG in the reminiscence room.

[Main System]
– 22 Species of animals.
41 Bestiality H Event Which divided by Inside and Outside!
4 kind of 15 sub H-Scene and 22 animal guide event
– CG Animation at H-Event, animal guide event.
– H-Voice of heroine at H-Scene! (It can be turn on/off)
– Animal sound effect on Animal guide event and Bestiality H-Event! (It can be turn on/off)
– When Expand the Zoo, there are more animals that can be breed !
(Species of animals : Zebra, Flamingo, Ostrich, Giraffe, Lion, Hyena, Birds, Boar, Wolf, Bear, Tiger, Farm Animals, Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Orangutan, Primates, reptile,
Hippo, Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, Giant Panda, Red Panda)
– The Zoo Operation Simulation that Guide animals to the Guest or shoot a Bestiality Video and Get Money!!
– have a H-Scene which with a human for example, Manager of the Zoo, Colleague Zookeeper, boys who throw a stone to the animals of the Zoo

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this games are fun but a little weird for my taste

god my eyes, I need some fucking bleach


Jumpscare in the end hahaha, i dont expect that one


link cant ues :/