[SLG] Lovey VR Sex With H-loving Girls ver.2 [English-Machine Translated] (VR Supported)

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Circle: Eyatu’s Circle
Release: Apr/30/2021
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Breasts, Anime, 3D Works, Loli, Lovey Dovey/Sweet Love, Blowjob/Fellatio, Animal Ears, Big Breasts
File size: 1.4 GB

1. Thanks to Rean_Schwarzer for the file
2. This is a JP version with Reipatcher MTL, not an official English version.

7 characters x 5 types of sex motion x 4 scenes!
Total of 140 sex scenes to choose from.
Enjoy having sex with your favorite girl in your favorite scene!

★ Compatible with VR and non-VR

・ Compatible VR models
HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Pro, Oculus Quest 2 (Virtual Desktop or Oculus Link)

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Naka Dashi

I started up the game, selected fellatio and got handjob. Couldn’t switch positions. Restarted the game and chose cowgirl and ended up in missionary. Still couldn’t switch positions.

Repeat this process about 15 times and all I’m getting every time is missionary no matter what I choose. I’m close to giving up on this game. Everything except changing positions works. Anyone else having the same issue?


Story : Non Existent Game : Buggy pose and need to be updated. Thanks to @Nakadashi to mentioned earlier, this game is half baked. Also its monotonous, stress free and no need to stress yourself to create your favorite waifu. This game provides it. Sound : The voice of every different girls are all THE SAME! Crazy right? It’s just like you banging twenty different girls but you plug a earphone and hearing ASMR from one girl. Drawing : It’s like very early version of illusion game series. Very long time engine or maybe they designed it like that, idk.… Read more »

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That’s true, the game that we get from this torrent is broken by default, but I found a way to make all positions work. It seems the translator is the issue here. Follow step by step to make the game work properly: -As you are in the game’s directory (where the .exe file is), open “ReiPatcher” folder; -cut/copy files (the “Patches” folder is not neccesary) from “Reipatcher”; -go back to exe’s directory; -go to “EcchiDaisukiDesktop_Data” folder; -go to “Managed” folder; -paste your cut/copied files; -select “Replace files in the destination”; -after the files get replaced, you should have 8 selected… Read more »


Go to the configuration file and find “config.ini”, open it and change the language from “en” to “ja”.
This will solve the game bugs


Both “language” and “language form” should be changed!


Hello everyone who stuck with missionary pose. Problem exists because of Translation Plugin Error. To solve this you should 1 solution: Go to the configuration file and find “config.ini”, open it and change the language from “en” to “ja” 2 solution: try to go to file: \AutoTranslator\Translation\en\Text\_AutoGeneratedTranslations.txt (If you do not have this file Launch game for the first time and it will be created) And replace all english words to japanese (It’s bette just to dublicate original) From: … 体位選択=Positioning 場所選択=Location selection 騎乗位=Cowgirl 立ちバック=Standing Behind フェラ=Fellatio … To: … 体位選択=体位選択 場所選択=場所選択 騎乗位=騎乗位 立ちバック=立ちバック フェラ=フェラ … It should be enought… Read more »

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