[RPG] The Clash of Hidden Ninja Techniques [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: aburasobabiyori
Released: Mar/14/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female Protagonist, RPG Maker, Student, Outdoor, Restraint, Shame/Humiliation, Coercion/Compulsion, Oral Cumshot
File size: 265.14 MB

A short RPG about a ninja girl fighting to protect a powerful ninja scroll from evil shinobi.
When she’s defeated, she will suffer sexual public humiliations at school, and even on TV…

Basil is a beautiful ninja who attends school like a regular girl,
while battling against evil shinobi in the shadows.
She contains the knowledge of her village’s ultimate ninja technique,
a dangerous skill many evildoers are eager to learn.
If she is ever defeated, she mustn’t divulge any information pertaining
to the ultimate ninja scroll, no matter how shameful her punishment…

Event Examples
– Stripped naked by a duplication skill.
– Body manipulated by ninja techniques, with genitalia exposed in the school courtyard.
– As punishment for defeat, she is ordered to live naked in the hidden village.
– TV networks get hacked by enemy ninjas, and her naked body is broadcast nationwide.
– As punishment for disobeying enemy ninjas, she is violated by the entire school.

* Contains hardcore play that demeans the protagonist.
* The game difficulty is low, and there are no gameplay elements that support multiple playthroughs.
* After completing the game, you can choose to fully unlock all event reminiscence.

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