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Developer: Philosophy
Release: 2020-12-05
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: animated, adventure, fantasy, platformer, combat, management, big ass, big tits, monster, sci-fi, vaginal sex, male protagonist
File Size: 440 MB

The sudden appearance of the phagocytes has caused a devastating impact on the major countries. At first, each race fights on its own, but the phagocytes are not only powerful, but also extremely large in number.
(Tower Defense)​

Summon&Fusion is a completely different and completely familiar tower defense game.
-The game includes the concept of synthetic star rising from the move of the board, as well as a complete floor tile, while adding the growth mode of the concept of card building.

Game elements
-Call from the time and space of a beautiful girl against the demon army!
-Thirteen characters with completely different features
-More than 200 different effects of card building skills
-A BOSS with a powerful skill
-Unlimited entry
-Each character can be enhanced with gold COINS

The game features
-Summon a character to defend an enemy in a 4 by 4 tile scene.
-Determine the five roles to play by configuring the team.
-The summoned characters appear at random according to the playing team.
-The pairing of the same star for the same character becomes a higher star.
-For every successful defense, the next wave store will refresh 3 random skill CARDS for the player to choose to grow.
-You can use crystal refresh to gain more skill CARDS to enhance your character.

A new attempt
-Random is the core of the game, random call, random BOSS, random skill CARDS.
-Through the position can be matched with a variety of tactics.
-Through the skill CARDS can build their own strongest defense system.

DLC includes:
1. Role plot function
You can view the picture and text plot with the plot character
2. Character costume adds nudity

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This game has a glitch that for some reason it wont let u enter to upgrade ur character + u cant even get out of the option menu. I have tried to delete the game and make a new one but the save game still on the system and i dont know where to delete it, so i stuck with not appointing, lvling characters or quit the option menu instead of quitting the game.


+1 Glitchy game, it happened after I’ve upgraded two characters, but before that, it worked normal. I could go back from every menu screen… P.S. in order to upgrade characters you should get their cards from that stupid “Gacha” box, it’ll give you 10 points for each recurring card, but after upgrading two of them all others lost their points, and the glitch appeared

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From art perspective it’s not bad at all. The art is great. The thing is, the game gets really repetitive after few rounds and I found myself just trying to combine towers. What I also disliked is the system with gold and gems, it didn’t make any sense to me. Also I think it is very expensive to open a h-art 🙂 Also please balance bosses. I had a game, where I had 5 5-star towers with the girl that puts mines all over the place, I was completely dominating thrash mobs and then on lvl 20 boss just ran… Read more »


if anyones using cheat engine im pretty sure the gatcha coin code is 1AE9236ACE0


win10 save C:\Users\xxx\AppData\LocalLow\GirlTest\Summon_Fusion_Zhengshi

unlock game Plot


text file open

2.replace content